Traxxas Nitro RC Car

Is It Really That Much Fun Running a Traxxas Car?

Driving a traxxas nitro rc car is real fun and rewarding.

I just don’t expect you to take my word for it. I want you to decide for yourself after reading this article. We will talk of all the features and capabilities that are an integral part of a traxxas nitro rc car now days, the same ones that in my opinion make traxxas cars special.

A Little Journey to Traxxas Nitro RC Car’s History

Traxxas’ love affair with rc cars dates back to 1986 when a completely assembled scaled down version of a hobby car was nothing more than a fantasy in some day dreaming enthusiast’s mind.

RTR or ready to run is a term that was first coined for some traxxas nitro radio controlled car by traxxas. That term has now become a buzz word among the rc car lovers today. This is one simple example of many trend setting events done by traxxas. Being the leader that it is, traxxas pioneered in chasing the mind set of hobbyists. The transition was a little difficult though. It took some time for hard core fans to be convinced about the strength and ruggedness of RTR rc cars. Once the realization dawned traxxas rc car rtr models were more popular than anything else at that time. That paved the way for traxxas to innovate and build on the sturdy, rugged and powerful nitro cars that their name is synonymous with today.

Early traxxas models like Hawk established traxxas’ willingness to bring in new technology to their customers. Key aspects of traxxas rc car driving like the suspension, drive line and ease handling were taken care of by using the latest technology available at that point of time. During this point of time they started linking in the actual racing car models to their rtr offerings that took the market by storm. Wannabe rc racers started vouching for their particular models and the following was loyal to say the least.

Actual traxxas nitro radio controlled cars came into being somewhere around 1992. After a very successful and rewarding stint with electric cars traxxas got into unfolding the mysteries of the nitro engine. It would be safe to say that the first ever traxxas nitro radio controlled car was the super successful Nitro Hawk. From there it’s been more power, more advanced features and more innovation with each traxxas nitro rc car that has ever hit the market.

1999 marked the beginning an era of super powerful nitro trucks with the build and brawn to throw away competition to a distance.

No prizes for guessing why?

It was the year T-Maxx arrived. Till date traxxas boasts of an unparallel line of rc trucks and cars.

What’s In a Traxxas Nitro RC Car Today to Make Me Rule?

You will never be embarrassed when you are handling a traxxas nitro radio controlled car if you know your stuff. It’s got all that you will ever need to make a mark on the track.

Nowadays the traxxas nitro radio controlled car is built of hi-tec materials that get in the useful properties of a number of traditional materials and shun away their limitations. One example is the latest traxxas nitro car chassis. Usually the material used is composite fiber which is an advanced technology in the world of real life automobile and aerospace industry. Bringing in such technology to the average users life is certainly a task worth admiration.

Similar innovations come in from various other sources. Be it the tire to have that perfect grip on the road or the transmission system, relentless effort from traxxas makes your life easy and keeps you at the edge of the latest developments.

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