RC Car Engine

Maintenance Tips and Best Practices

You know RC Car Engine is by far the most important part of your rc vehicle. It provides the energy by burning the fuel. So it’s but obvious that the life of your car or truck directly depends upon the engine.

From description, to the unknown, this may sound as some big machine. But that is far from truth. These are small equipments that are capable of delivering the extraordinary power to rc cars. Does that remind you of the last roaring stadium truck you saw in your neighbourhood?

Well, lets now get on with business…

Maintenance Tips

Dry the Tank

This is one important tip that I can give you. I have seen many of my friends take this lightly. But I urge you not to make this mistake as this one thing could easily add substantial life to your rc engine.

After the running is over or at the end of the day make it a routine to drain all fuel out of the tank. To remove the last droplets of fuel from the tank and the fuel line you may start the engine with the glow plug attached.

Regular Cleaning

Get into the mode of regular cleaning of the engine. Make sure you do not expose the associated electronics to water as that can easily reduce the life of the parts. You may use dry warm air for cleaning purpose. Compressed air works fine. Be careful about the air filter. Periodically clean it or replace it if required.


Regular inspection is one of the most popular non destructive techniques used in maintenance of aircrafts and racing cars. You may apply the same albeit at a low intensity to check the health of your rc car engine.

Check for loose fasteners and other damaged parts and mend it of required. The rc car engine produces extremely high vibrations. Presence of loose fasteners and damaged parts will lead to more trouble in such extreme situations.

Use After Run Oil

After run oil is used for storing the engine for longer duration without usage. If you run your rc car frequently then you don’t really need this. But then if you are not sure when next you will be hitting the track it’s better to use ARO for longer life of the engine.

But why do I need ARO?

Well then I will try and explain the chemistry behind the use of ARO briefly.

Nitro rc car engines use alcohol based fuel. Usually alcohol is hygroscopic in nature. Hygroscopic materials tend to absorb water from the atmosphere when exposed to it.

After running your car for some time when you store it there will still be some fuel sticking to its internal surface. Chances are there that these fuel particles will attract atmospheric moisture that will settle down as water droplets on the internal surface of the engine. This in the long run could mean rusting of the internal surface.

When ARO is used it does the work of removing these residual oil particles and forming a protective coat that prevents rusting of the metallic surface in the interior of the engine.

In order to use ARO you will have to remove the air filter first. Then pour a quarter to half tea spoon of ARO into the carburettor. Move the engine such that all internal parts are exposed to ARO

  • Use of ARO may lead to difficulty in starting the engine next time you run it. There is no need to panic though as there is absolutely nothing to worry.
  • Use ARO only if you intend to store the rc car engine for longer duration.

By following the simple techniques mentioned above you will be able to burn gallons of fuel in your rc car engine without worrying much about its long term health.

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