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If you are looking for discount rc car then you have arrived at the right place.

We will get you more than one source of obtaining some cool discounts on rc cars for yourself or for gifting. We have strategic tie ups with partners that carry and deliver rc cars and related hobby products to our customers all at a bargain price.

Here we outline the various ways in which you may purchase a discount rc car. Please follow the relevant link to learn more about it or to head for making the purchase.


One of the relatively unknown yet effective sources of buying discount radio controlled cars is They are a well organized business unit that really is proactively involved in ensuring a good experience for you. The inventory that they carry is pretty wide and chances are there you will find your model with them. The pricing structure is great. Compare their prices with any other online vendor and you will understand what we are talking about.


Please DO NOT BUY from them now.

Because we can get you a further discount on the already low prices and in some cases we will pay the shipping. Please feel free to contact us through the form below to receive a further discount on your chosen discount rc car.

Alternatively if you are happy with the already low price then you may head over to Hobbywarehouse here.


eBay as we all know is a buyer’s paradise and you can get discounted rc cars over there easily. But then wading through millions of products on eBay is a real pain and time consuming affair.

We have made life easy for you by partnering with eBay. Our eBay store consists of all the rc cars currently listed on eBay. All you have to do is create a free eBay Id and then start bidding on the discount radio controlled cars of your choice.

Look out for the annuncement shortly.


This nifty tool will tell you where else on web you can find a discount radio controlled car at the lowest price. This is amazing if you want to compare various online vendors’ pricing. Not only you get to know where you can buy the products but you learn the exact price that you will be paying at each of the places.

Getting a discount price rc car could not be easier than this. Hope you find a rc car that you are really proud of.

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