RC Nitro Cars

Do You Have One in Your Collection Yet?

RC nitro cars are the way to go for experiencing the thrill and excitement of rc racing!

These are complex machines which require a lot of involvement but then at the end of the day it’s very satisfactory. RC nitro cars resemble real life models to a great extent in terms of the mechanisms and operation.

Have you heard that roar of the nitro powered engine?

The process of getting a nitro rc car to run is lengthy and cumbersome as compared to that of the electric rc car, wherein all you need to do is get your RTR kit out charge the battery and zoom on. Nitro rc cars are a different ball game all together. More on it shortly.

Buying RC Nitro Cars

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Basics of RC Nitro Cars

Unlike rc electric cars, nitro cars have a slightly less throttle response. While starting the nitro powered engine takes some time to spool up and engage the clutch.

One thing easy about handling a nitro car is its refuelling. If the fuel is over you can simply refuel it and get back to driving, whereas with an electric car you will have to remove the body covering, unfasten the battery and charge it or replace it with an extra battery. I feel the former to be the better option, how about you?

Cooling is an important aspect of your car, which you as an enthusiast must understand. Usually nitro rc cars are air cooled. What does that mean for you. That means more time of continuous driving. No need for those intervals that’s been a must with electric cars.

As I have said earlier the nitro rc cars require a lot of maintenance. That is justified if you understand the way a nitro car works. The design of the drive train nearly replicates the system that is used in real vehicles. The nitro exhaust contains unburned fuel. Usually these unburned particles settle down on the chassis. This is where you have to pitch in and clear it. A compressed air blower and solvent like denatured alcohol is used to clean the settled particles.

Tuning is a science as well as an art. For greater life of your car you must tune it so that the fuel consumption, performance and usage of various components are optimized. Tuning is one more aspect of owning a nitro rc car wherein you will have to roll up your sleeves and make your hands dirty flirting around with your machine.

Needless to say that the nitro rc cars are subjected to a lot of stress. Long driving hours and higher performance result in mechanical wear and tear.This is handled by robust parts and overall structure. You will be able to distinguish this feature by looking at a nitro powered rc car or truck.

RC Nitro Cars Maintenance Tips

RC nitro cars are maintenance intensive. So you must care for them. Some of the basic maintenance activities that you would be exposed to are as follows

Installation and removal of fly wheels

Flywheels installation and removal is a very frequent activity that you will be exposed to as a part of your maintenance routine. It’s fairly easy when you have the right kind of tools and some experience. It gets easier as you mature in your maintenance activities.

Installing clutches

This activity will follow the installation of flywheels. Here again you will become comfortable with the process once you get started with actually doing it.

Crankcase bearing removal

This is a very rare activity that you may be indulging in. There’s a need for this only when you are helping a worn out nitro mill.

Removing piston sleeve and connecting rod

This could be a tough proposition. Removing a tight piston sleeve and the connecting rod can be a nightmare especially if you are new to this.

I am planning to put up a couple of articles with photos and possibly with videos for you to understand various nuances of nitro car maintenance.

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