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One RC cars magazine got me started with this amazing hobby and I know there are many more like me who eagerly await the next edition of their favorite magazine.

RC car magazine is for any one who loves this hobby and intends to stay abreast of the latest happenings of the rc racing world.

RC racing world is very dynamic and changes way too frequently for you to know about them. But then you got to know them to satiate your appetite for rc info. So what do you do? RC cars magazine of course is a possible solution.

Your favorite RC car magazine would come up with reviews of products, information on latest technologies, racing schedules, maintenance and racing tips, expert interviews and a lot more info relevant to your rc hobby. So it certainly is a great investment.

Top Rated RC Magazines

Radio Control Car Action Magazine

Radio Control Car Action Magazine is by far the most popular rc magazine. It’s been there for ages and has an experienced group of editors who are actually stalwarts of this hobby. They come up with tips and suggestions for buying, racing and maintaining rc cars. They also carry stories from the readers, meaning you have a platform to get your experiences published.

The 12 month subscription of RC Car Action is worth every penny.

RC Nitro

Radio Control Nitro magazine is a magazine published by the same people who publish RC Car Action. This however is a little nichier catering only to the nitro cars and nitro trucks segment. Worth a look if you are looking for something dedicated to nitro cars.

R/C Car Magazine

R/C Car Magazine is a relatively new entrant to the rc car magazine world as compared to RC Car Action Magazine. This is a little cheaper as well. This magazine has been successful in creating a niche for itself. If you are more into racing then this is the one to go for.

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