Electric RC Cars

Sleek Fast and Furious For The Serious Racer

Why are electric rc cars such a craze, you ask!

Well there is more than one reason why lovers of electric radio control cars take pride in their collection. Not that they do not appreciate the nitro or gas versions, but there is something about the electric cars that gives them the kick.

Electric cars are way lighter than nitro models. That’s because they have fewer components as compared to the nitro models in the drive system. Thus for obvious reasons it becomes pretty easy to move around with them.

Electric cars are powered by powerful compact batteries that produce more torque than a nitro car with amazing consistency. Electric cars respond faster to throttle manoeuvres and thus are fun to deal with.

And did anybody tell you it costs well below the price of a nitro car?

On the flip side these cars are limited by speed. Usually the speed limit is 40 mph; however that goes up to about 100 mph in rare cases of highly modified models.

Buying Electric RC cars

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Basics of Electric RC Cars

Electric radio control cars are great for beginners as they are easier to handle as compared to the gas models. There is absolutely no need of struggling with fuel, glow plugs and engine adjustments when you are dealing with rc electric cars.

When you order an electric car just starting off, it might very well come in the ready to run form. However it is not the case when you order a competition level car. Most often you will find that the competition level kit provides you the rolling chassis only. So you must ask yourself as an electric car enthusiast what else comprises of an rc electric car kit.

Well I’ll make your life easier by answering some of those questions in the following points

Speed Controls Through speed controls you give commands to your car regarding the speed it should run at. Directions of motion can be controlled via the speed control. It works in tandem with the radio system.

Motors Sometimes you will have to purchase the motor separately. Wondering which motor to go for? I’ll handle that in a separate article for you.

Batteries and Charger This is your bread and butter when you are dealing with electric cars. You may carry a pair extra for convenience.

Other Accessories These are not the bare essentials that will stop you from driving but then these do add up to your experience with the rc electric car. These accessories include paint and paint brush, knife, cyanoacrylate glue, motor leads with connector, 4-way wrench, thread locking compound, masking tape and scissors.

My friend Steve is very posessive about his remote control truck. He is my go to guy when it comes to electric trucks.

Electric RC Cars Maintenance Tips

  • Electric rc cars need continuous inspection. Remove the worn out or damaged parts for greater life car.
  • After use you must demagnetize the permanent magnets. For that allow the electric motor to cool down after use.
  • Use motor cleaning solution to minimize the effect of dirt and dust.
  • Lubricating the bearings or bushings in the motor is very important. So do not forget to oil them periodically.
  • Replace the motor brushes and springs if necessary.
  • Regular cleaning will keep your car gleaming for a long time.

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