RC Race Cars

Types Available In The Market

RC race cars are becoming very popular with the young and old alike. With every passing day this hobby is gaining heights in the popularity index. Come holiday season and you see a lot of these products being sold in the local toy shops and hobby stores.

It’s but obvious that companies manufacturing rc race cars innovate at a frantic pace to get new and improved models to the market at an unprecedented frequency. This is good for the hobby as well as the hobbyists.

But if you are an enthusiast then there is a flip side to this in when seen from your perspective.

Choosing rc race cars suited for beginners can be a Herculean task when you have so many models at your disposal each claiming to be the best in its category. The fact that rc cars are not dirt cheap makes the equation much more complex.

So knowing and understanding the options available is a great help in making a wise decision regarding the rc cars to be purchased. Here we will explore different parameters on which rc cars are classified. After that you may take a note of these parameters to decide which type of car you would like to buy.

Types of RC Race Cars

Running Surface

There are two types of cars on the basis of the running surface viz on-road and off-road cars. On road vehicles are to be raced on concrete or asphalt surfaces whereas off-road cars could be used for bumpy backyards and not so smooth racing tracks.

Scale of the RC Cars

The scale of the rc cars is another discerning criteria. There are numerous scale factors such as 1:4, 1:8, 1:10 and 1:18 through 1:30. On one hand 1:4 represent the larger set of cars where as 1:30 happens to be in the mini/micro category. A rc car of 1:4 scale means a part of unit length in the rc car would be four times long in the actual car.

Fuel and Power

Depending on the power generation mode rc hobby cars may be broadly divided into two categories called nitro cars and electric cars. Nitro cars as the name suggests run on nitro methane where as electric cars use electric powered batteries. Nitro cars simulate the running of actual rc cars to a greater extent as compared to electric radio controlled cars. There are some rc cars that run on gasoline just like any other real life car.


RC cars may be of 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive. In case of a 2 wheel drive mechanism power is transmitted to two of the wheels. It may again be subdivided into front wheel drive and rear wheel drive mechanism. On the other hand in case of a 4 wheel drive mechanism power is directly transferred to all the four wheels.

Special Categories

Not all like rc cars and trucks. There are people who love tanks, motor cycles, dragsters set. For enthusiasts with such interests there are radio controlled tanks and motor cycles that add the fun of rc to their favorite vehicles.

Be careful while choosing rc race cars. Follow the above guide to know about all types of rc cars. RC racing is fun but it has its own learning curve and time spent early on is time gained in the long run.

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