Duratrax RC Cars

Some of the Finest RC Cars at Your Disposal

Duratrax RC Cars are known for the quality of engineering.

No wonder they have one of the most successful brands of rc cars, trucks and buggies that have undergone numerous tests successfully in real time racing situations.

Let’s look at some of the latest Duratrax RC Cars being offered by Duratrax

Cliff Climber RTR

Have you heard of extreme off-roading? Cliff Climber is a 1/14 scale four wheel drive ready to run truck perfect for off-roading at the extreme. Its electric powered. This truck resembles the actual crawlers and comes elegantly designed in six different colors. It’s ready to run within minutes of you opening it from the delivery box. Its capabilities to climb will mesmerize you for sure but the most fascinating thing about is the ease with which you can drive it. Space is not a very big limitation for this truck as you can run the show in a smaller area because of the small size of Cliff Climber.

Of all the duratrax radio controlled cars on sale right now this is the best one dedicated to off-roading and rock climbing.


Can you associate designed for speed with a monster truck? It must be a little hard to believe if you have been associated with monster trucks for some time now.

You got to see RT-X 27 RTR perform to believe that speed is the governing factor of this truck’s design. Engineers have done a great job in combining speed and stability in RT-X duratrax rc cars. It’s the perfect companion for any monster truck lover bitten by the racing bug. Interestingly the bodies of RT-X come in six different colors for you to choose from. Bodies are made of polycarbonate. All you need to do is apply the associated decals for that killer look.

FireHammer MT RTR

Had enough of small rc cars! Is it? Then you got to have a look at this monstrous 1:5 scale truck. If you find Duratrax RC Cars interesting then this one will make you fall in love with it, especially if you are an aficionado of the bigger gas driven cars. By gas I am referring to gasoline and not the ones driven by nitro fuel.

FireHammer is simple, strong and majestic in terms of size. It takes on off-road terrains with relative ease overcoming obstacles routinely. There is not much fuss associated with getting these duratrax rc cars to run. All you need is add 2-cycle oil with gasoline and set the FireHammer ablaze. Stand back and watch it crush the track as nicely as it crushes its competitors.

Raze RTR

A four wheel drive nitro buggy that’s going to give the contemporary racing buggies a run for their money. Raze RTR is of standard 1:8 scale. Powerful engine and durable construction makes Raze RTR a good investment. It also boasts of a radio of very high quality.

This is one of the Duratrax rc cars that you can run for fun or for serious racing. Easy handling and four wheel drive account for high speeds and better control at turns. Braking system is very good in Raze RTR.

Evader EXB RTR

Off-road buggies are known for the high initial investment for moderate performance features. Evader EXB RTR is an improvement on that with good features for a very affordable price. This off road buggy comes preassembled from Duratrax factory.

One of the problems most off-road buggies face is that parts get deformed due to the obstructions faced on tracks. In most cases this calls for immediate repair. It’s frustrating to quit the fun and give some first aid to the buggy. However you won’t have any such issues with Evader EXB RTR. This has robust build that will keep it going against all odds. More over there are lot of supplementary up gradable parts made of graphite and aluminium. Get going with these materials of you want additional beef up to the already masculine Evader EXB RTR.

Evader EXT RTR

If you are looking for an exciting electric stadium truck then go no further than Evader EXT RTR. Chances are you will end up buying. Duratrax RC Cars are known for their robustness. This stadium truck goes well with that tradition. This is a 1:10 scale 2 wheel drive stadium truck that comes in six different body colors.

Evader EXT is definitely worth a look if you are hunting for ready to run stadium trucks.

More Duratrax RC Cars

Duratrax Axis

Duratrax Axis is one of those buggies that are made keeping the beginner in mind. But then this is not to undermine the capabilities that Axis brings in. This is a ready to run rc buggy meaning minimal time for you to hit the road. Like any other seasoned buggy Axis can execute jumps and wade through bumpy tracks with utmost ease. Read more on Duratrax Axis

Duratrax Evader ST

Getting on with on road cars is something that most of us do well. But dealing with off-road buggies and trucks is a different ball game all together because so much depends upon the capabilities of the machine. Duratrax Evader ST is a line up of most capable buggies and trucks from Duratrax. Read more on Duratrax Evader

Duratrax Thunder Quake

Have you ever heard of a truggy? This is it – a Truggy! Duratrax Thunder Quake is a buggy converted monster truck. You get the best worlds with this nitro monster from Duratrax. It’s got the muscle to take up some serious abuse. Read more on Duratrax Thunder Quake

Duratrax Warhead

My personal favorite is Duratrax Warhead. Its sheer presence on the track is gonna send shivers among competitors. This is a 1:8 scale beast. If looks could kill then I would be long dead by now. This is an amazing truck that comes with complimentary documentation such that you don’t get stuck anywhere on your way to get it started. Read more on Duratrax Warhead

Duratrax Accessories

Duratrax accessories are as popular as its rc cars and trucks. Take a look at some of the more popular duratrax accessories listed below.

Duratrax Ice

If you are into electric cars then you got to have a good charger in your survival kit. In such a case I would strongly recommend you have a look at Duratrax Ice. It does not come cheap but then I believe to preserve the quality of your vehicles or batteries it’s essential that you make a good investment on your charger. Read more on Duratrax Ice

Duratrax Piranha

Unlike Ice Duratrax Piranha is aimed at a different segment that needs to combine utility and quality with affordability. This is a charger that you may purchase for a relatively less price in case you do not need the functionalities offered by the expensive options. Read more on

Duratrax Piranha

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