Duratrax Piranha

Performance and Dependability along with Affordability

Duratrax Piranha is a brand consisting of chargers and battery packs promoted by Duratrax. This brand is well known for its good performance as compared to its affordable pricing.

Durability is the buzz word associated with all Piranha products. There is a Piranha for every rc racer. It delivers exceptional value for money and is highly recommended for a medium budget range.

Piranha Products

Piranha Digital Peak Charger

This charger comes for a very low price and offers some good service for the price it demands. It consists of six features that you can easily program all by yourself. Available features include charge current adjustment option and sensitivity to peak detection among others.

Piranha CX-10 AC/DC Fast Charger

The CX series of Piranha chargers are entry level chargers that are supposed to be low-priced chargers offering basic functionalities of a charger as essential field equipment for the rc racer. The price no doubt is cheap for CX-10, but the offerings are more than expected. It takes about fifteen minutes to charge 6-cell NiCd batteries. It has a couple of indicators attached for example there is one to make you aware when it switches on to the trickle charge mode. Overall CX-10 AC/DC Fast charger is a good one for the starters or as a secondary charger for anybody looking for spares.

Piranha DC Peak Charger

This is a rc racers dream charger. DC peak charger provides all the advantages of peak charging at a very affordable cost. This is much more effective and safe to use as compared to the timed chargers. This charges the battery at a fast rate until the maximum capacity of the battery is reached. Once it comes to the optimum stage the trickle mode is activated. The battery is charged fully until it is removed from the charger.

Piranha is a popular name among rc hobbyists because it delivers value for money at a very affordable cost.

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