RC Sprint Cars

Everything You Wanted to Know About
Sprint Cars

RC sprint cars are the odd one out in the entire family of rc cars.

The look is strange at the least and I am sure you will doubt it to be a car if you have a look at its top view.

Feature unique to sprint cars is its power to weight ratio which is very much biased in favour of power. Thus when you talk about such cars we are talking about very high power for comparatively low weight of the car.

Even though these cars are small and light weight, they are fast and second to none when it comes to speed. Travel speed of 140 mph is common in the sprint cars racing fraternity.

Given the high power to weight ratio, it does not take rocket science to understand that they would fly rather than stick to ground. Now that is not certainly the purpose of having a car. This problem is taken care by the overall design of the car. Radio controlled sprint cars are provided with an aluminium wing at the top. The purpose of this wing is to provide a downward thrust to keep the vehicle down. This in turn provides the necessary traction to the tires for the vehicle to roar ahead. The principle governing the working of the wings has been explained here.

Another peculiarity of radio controlled sprint cars is that they are usually associated with oval tracks, often short and muddy.

RC sprint cars racing are of high speed and speed comes with associated risks. The power of sprint cars makes it that much more dangerous. To mitigate risk to the driver there is a cage like structure provided to the sprint car. In case the car gets off balance it would start rolling with the help of the cage thus reducing the chances of an accident. Now days most race tracks have arranged for fences around the track to minimize any possible accident due to the cars.

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