RC Car Lights

Buying and Installation Tips

Why do you think some people are crazy enough to go for rc car lights?

For me it’s an effort to get as close to reality as possible. No wonder as rc lovers we strive hard to take care of our respective machines, keeping it in tip top condition to take on the nearest competitor. But then there are many a perfectionists that will never get the car roaring until they set the decals in place.

Thus it’s no wonder that rc lights are more than an aesthetic element for some rc aficionados.

Here are some basic actions points that will help you get your rc car lights installed onto your car.

RC Car Lights Installation Tips

  • Paint and Apply Decals If you have new car then paint it completely and apply all the decals that you want in place. In case you want to put lights onto an old car or truck then clean it up using soap and warm water. Dry the body of the car with a clean and dry towel. You may use alcohol to clean the body but be sure to stay away from flame while doing so. Do not wipe the transparent areas much as that might cause scratches on them.
  • Drill the Holes Next step is to drill the holes that will house the rc lights. While drilling as a thumb rule go from outside to inside of the body. Drill at the centre point of your targeted area. Use protection while drilling. Make sure your hands are not in the way of the drill.
  • Ream it Right Using a reamer try to open the hole created by drilling. Be cautioned not to apply any sudden load or unnecessary pressure. Apply force subtly, a little at a time to open the hole slowly until it is big enough for the lights to fit in perfectly.
  • Place the Lamps Here we go it’s time for putting the lamps in place. Take the rc lights from your kit and place it in position. You will need a 9 Volt battery to power the lamp. Check if the light is aligned properly. It’s ideal if the focus of the front light is about 5 feet ahead.
  • Secure Battery and Wires Once you have checked the alignment it is time for securing the battery and wires. If you have any Velcro strap use it to secure the battery to the body. It’s essential that the battery is secured tightly in place or you might run into trouble mid way of some important race. Similarly secure the lights wires such that it does not interfere with the tires or any other moving part of the car.

Buying RC Car Lights

There are a number of kits for lighting your rc car. Do some research online and purchase a kit that you feel comfortable with. You local hobby store owner can better guide in case you prefer going that way.

Have fun lighting up your radio controlled car.

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