RC Car Decals

Wondering If You Need Those Stickers

Do I really need rc car decals and stickers?

Not really if it’s only about getting your rc car to run around the park. But a certain YES if you are concerned about any of the following

  • Your reputation as an avid enthusiast with an eye for details
  • Your pride your rc car’s looks
  • Your car as a collectible for display

Lot many people run and own rc cars but not all of them have the knack to get in the details that establishes them as an expert of the art. Your car will run very well even when you don’t put decals onto it but it is just that it will run well. Somewhere you will miss out on the style quotient and glamour associated with rc cars and trucks.

There is a very thin line of differentiation between decals and stickers. More often than not I find people mingle the words straight out of the mouth. But then that’s acceptable given the generic meaning and purpose of the two words. However I will take this opportunity here to put forward my thoughts on the differences. Classically speaking decals refer to those that need to be used in conjunction with water solution in order to be pasted with car bodies. These usually come to be used with plastic bodies. The self adhesive ones that can be easily glued on to your car’s body are called stickers. Stickers are easier and neater to handle as compared to decals.

Having set the differences between decals and stickers clearly we are safe to call both these forms as rc car decals for generic use in the rest of the article.

RC Car Decals Options and Challenges

RC car decals give a sense of completeness to the car. Of course you have the liberty to choose decals of your choice. Options are plenty in terms of both design and color. Starting from the ever popular flame and tribal designs to simple ones with one or two colors there is a gamut of options for the discerning buyer. Popular trends like sports events add a seasonal trend to the available designs of rc car and truck decals.

There has been a lot of improvement in adhesive technology that has augmented the usage of car decals off late. Earlier removal used to be a big concern when it came to stickering rc body parts. Once the sticker was attached and left so for some time it became difficult to remove the sticker without leaving adhesive stains on the body. More over bad quality of adhesives ended up in loosely fit decals that ruined the aesthetics of the car by a great deal. Latest technologies make attaching and removing decals as easy as snapping eye lids. Now days you will find adhesives in rc car decals that hold on to the surface tightly and when removed leaves the surface without a single stain.

Detailing With RC Car Decals

Radio Controlled car decals come in handy in giving the cars a detailed look and feel. For example you will find decals for headlights, grills and tail lights in your DIY rc kit. These decals will lend that detail design to your car and make it more real like which otherwise would look bland.

Once you receive your rc kit you will feel the urge to get it running. That’s great. But I would suggest taking some time to go through the instruction manual to install the decals though this is not a must do activity for the purpose of running. The result of the time you spend this way will be many fold.

Details are so important for passionate hobbyists that they go to unbelievable extremes to get it done the right way. Be it working with rc decals or creating a backdrop for building your model railroad, if you really love the job you are gonna enjoy the process.

Discount RC Cars Decals

One good place to find decals for rc cars is eBay.com. eBay is a buyers place meaning you will find good bargains on rc decals. However there are multiple sellers selling on eBay and you have to be doubly sure of dealing with genuine and respected sellers. Always go for the more reputed sellers with huge retail shops on eBay. Usually they provide better customer service than usual sellers. Do the due diligence by sorting out respected sellers with good feedback rating to purchase your rc car decals.

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