Futaba RC

Bringing You The Best Radios, Receivers and Servos

Futaba RC! It’s got to be good.

That’s what most of the rc pros will tell you when you ask them about Futaba. Futaba products have been well accepted by serious hobbyists as well as amateur rc enthusiasts. Futaba as a company has come a long way to establish itself as the pioneer in rc electronics, to such an extent that even successful rc manufacturers use and recommend futaba products.

Futaba was started in 1948 though it got into the business of manufacturing electronic rc components only in 1962. It focussed on building electronic components that will be the medium of interaction between rc model and the controller. You will find a gamut of Futaba products that include transmitters, receivers and servos.

Radio Systems from Futaba RC

Futaba offers a comprehensive line of radio systems catering to almost any category of rc enthusiast. Irrespective of what model of car or aeroplane you use you will always find a futaba radio system that is just there waiting to get into your rc model.

Understanding and being able to distinguish between various radio systems in the market is the key for you to land up on a great product for least possible price. On visiting Futaba site you will see a comparison chart where in various models of Futaba radio systems are compared based upon their features. Combine this information with the prices that they come for to take an informed decision while buying rc radio systems.

Futaba Radio Accessories

You will find almost all types of radio accessories offered by Futaba. Be it receivers, speed controls or gyros – Futaba has it all. Futaba provides you with products like batteries and chargers, transmitter cases, servo horns, switch harnesses, gyroscopes, transmitter and receivers among others.

Servo Tips from Futaba

When it comes to rc servos futaba is a well established brand. True to its name are the standards of its products. While choosing a Futaba servo or as a matter of fact any servo take following requirements into consideration

  • Voltage specifications of the servo you need
  • Type of servo required viz. digital or standard
  • Size
  • Torque requirements
  • Speed requirements
  • Intended use viz. use on surface or aerial use

Futaba is the ultimate choice for experts and enthusiasts world wide when it comes selecting a rc electronic control system. Trust the thousands that have been there and seen that – trust Futaba RC.

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