Tamiya RC Cars

More Closer to Reality Than You Think?

Tamiya rc cars are known in the rc world for the excruciating details that are taken care of such that the difference between the model and the actual car is minimized to negligible levels.

If you own a Tamiya you can relate to the words above, if not its time for you to have a closer look at some of Tamiya radio controlled cars.

For ages Tamiya cars have been setting new trends for others to follow raising the bar in terms of technology when it comes to rc racing. At the same time the quality of craftsmanship in the appearance of each of the model has been absolutely brilliant. They have provided scale models with more resemblance to the actual car as compared to any other rc kit manufacturer.

Tamiya has been among the first to accommodate changes to overcome limitations. Dedicated team of Tamiya engineers strive hard to get features to the products that will make your life easy as an enthusiast without compromising on the thrill quotient.

Tamiya in Past

This is a list of famous tamiya cars of yesteryear. Do you remember having owned one during those days?

Latest Hot Tamiya Cars

This is a collection of the latest tamiya cars

  • TB Evolution 5
  • XBG Rev Storm TNS-T
  • XBG Mighty Ballista
  • Scania R470 Highline Metallic
  • Suzuki SX4 WC
  • VW Golf GTI Cup
  • Nissan GT-R

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