Tamiya Sand Scorcher

It’s the Great Grand Pa of Today’s Off-Road Buggies

Tamiya Sand Scorcher is a 1/10 scale buggy that was introduced by Tamiya during its initial years in the rc racing kit manufacturing business.

The model is exquisitely crafted taking each and every detail into consideration such that it’s an exact scaled down replica of the real car. It was modelled after Volkswagen Baja Bug.

Up Close with Tamiya's Sand Scorcher

The details crafted on a sand scorcher are so realistic that they charge a premium and are favourites of vintage model collectors today; especially because of the suspension system that is an exact replica at a much smaller scale.

Most parts of the Tamiya scorcher were made of metal. It just aligned with the trend at that point of time where metal was ruling the show. Moreover since sand scorcher was supposed to be an off-road buggy the metal loaded body went of well with its durability requirements.

Chassis of a sand scorcher can be traced back to that of Rough Rider. It was made of fibreglass with a lot of supports made of metal. The radio box was made of plastic and was completely sealed and water proof. That means you could run the sand scorcher through water without really worrying about the radio system being affected by it.

The Baja Bug Volkswagen body made of sturdy plastic was the icing on the cake in the context of the tamiya sandscorcher. The look of tamiya sand scorcher in this body is simply awesome.

If you ever get to try your hands on a sand scorcher you will observe that it is way behind the present days speed and technology. Its metal body goes against it when it comes to attaining greater speeds. However we got to accept that it ruled the off roads in its hay day and today is a prized possession for any collector.

The old Sand Scorcher is a favourite of many but then unfortunately there are not many original parts of this wonderful rc car that you would come across. So do the due diligence when somebody tries to sell you authentic tamiya scorcher parts.

eBay.com is a good place to hunt for tamiya's sand scorcher model.

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