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Looking for latest mugen rc car offerings to choose from?

We will cover that and a little more in this article on mugen radio controlled cars.

Mugen car is produced by Mugen Seiki Racing Ltd. They manufacture on road and off road kits and produce engines for rc vehicles as well. Over the years Mugen has quietly established itself as one of the most sought after brands by the professional rc racers.

There is more than one occasion where a mugen radio controlled car has been the winner of a major rc racing event held across the world. This has been possible because a mugen car comes engineered with the latest technology in the racing circuit. Search for mugen race winners and you will find some very popular mugen rc car models.

Mugen radio controlled car offerings change over time to keep up with the technological upgrades and market demand. So here we have listed down the latest mugen portfolio.


MTX-4 is a 1/10 scale four wheel drive mugen car powered by gas. This touring car has a length of 380 mm and width 199 mm with a wheel base of 259 mm. Its main features include four wheel belt drive, bevel gear type rear differential, 2 speed gear box, Adjustable anti roll bar at the front, front and rear rebound stop that can be adjusted, battery holder with low CG, carbon radio plate, turn buckle steering rod and belt tensioner among others.


MRX-4R is a mugen rc car kit being offered now by Mugen. It is 442 mm long, 262 mm wide and has a 299 mm wheel base.

Major features include

  • 4 wheel belt drive
  • 2 speed gear box
  • Adjustable body mount
  • Anti roll bar at the front that can be adjusted as per requirement
  • Front and rear rebound stop (adjustable)
  • Disk brakes that are ventilated
  • Battery holder designed to have low centre of gravity
  • Fuel tank is of low height and is equipped with filter
  • Ball bearings


This kit is an enhancement to the racing capabilities of MBX-5 or MBX-5 ProSpec mugen radio controlled car. This kit will help you convert those cars into a racing monster truck that you can proudly set on for a race in your backyard or a track.

This kit includes

  • A monster truck body for the perfect look and feel
  • A long chassis
  • Center drive shaft
  • Upper differential plate made of graphite
  • Radio tray made of graphite
  • Brake cam
  • Spur gear and spur gear adapter
  • Wheel hub adapters made of Alum
  • Front and rear body mounts
  • Proline velocity wheels
  • Foams and bow-Tie tires (Proline)


Mugen rc car MBX-5 racing buggy of 1/8 scale. Its gas powered and has dimensions of 480mm X 308mm X 182mm. Its specification is given below

  • 4 wheel shaft drive
  • Front, rear and centre universal joint
  • Damper and damper shaft
  • 3mm chassis
  • 3 mm damper stay
  • Receiver and receiver battery box
  • 3 pc clutch shoe
  • Center differential mount plate made of Carbon
  • Carbon made radio plate
  • Steering base made of Carbon
  • Centre differential mount (2 pc)

MBX-5 ProSpec

If you are looking for a mugen rc car/buggy that can race then MBX-5 ProSpec is a good bet. This is gas powered racing buggy with 1/8th of the scale of the actual car. This racing buggy from Mugen is 480 mm long, 308 mm wide and 182 mm high.

Features of this mugen rc car include

  • 4 wheel shaft drive
  • Universal joint at front, rear and centre
  • H.D damper
  • Aluminum clutch shoe (3pc)
  • Radio plate, centre differential mount plate and steering brace all made of carbon.
  • The caster angle can be adjustable


MST-1 is not really a mugen rc car. It is a stadium truck if you know what that means. Yes, its going to live up to your expectations as it is massive and all set to conquer the turf.

Here’s more about MST-1

  • 423 mm long, 325 mm wide and 280 mm high
  • Unlike the rest here this is 2 wheel drive system
  • Differential is ball type
  • Double slipper clutch that can be adjusted
  • Rear universal shaft
  • Double wishbone suspension
  • Turn buckle steering rod and upper arm rod
  • Receiver and battery box
  • Light weight wheels
  • Racing tires from Proline
  • Monster body
  • Full bearing

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