Xmod RC Car

You’ll Love Them! Wanna Know Why?

You will love a XMOD rc car because it has a lot more to offer than any other hobby grade rc car kit in terms of customization options.

Radio Shack manufactures this popular line of xmod cars. Xmod rc car is of 1/28 scale and is electric powered radio control car. The USP of XMOD radio controlled car lies in its customization options. At 1/28 scale this comes in the micro rc category.

XMOD cars will get you the options for customization in hundreds of ways. Lot of options give you the opportunity to make your car look and perform like one of its kind. This will suit anybody’s requirement be it a complete beginner or a seasoned rc enthusiast.

Some features of XMOD cars that will get you excited are as follows

  • It sports 130 class motors (30000 rpm)
  • Four wheel drive
  • Completely independent front and rear suspension

Now that we have been talking of customization flexibility associated with XMOD cars lets get into a little more detail. Before getting onto the more technical ones lets explore the look and feel customization options of the rc racer.

Depending on the purpose appropriate body must be chosen. If you are creating a racing car then obviously you will go for a sleek looking body with the perfect design for the track. Usually these sleek bodies help in aerodynamics associated with racing cars.

However if you are building a powerful truck then you better not mess up with the looks by putting up some not so strong plastic on the chassis. You may choose a chassis with beautifully crafted truck body to make the visual appeal that your vehicle is capable of. Don’t forget the bold and brave hummer body to accompany the biggest rc engine around.

May be you are looking for some drifting fun! You will find the perfect rc car drifting supplements for an xmod car. Tires that will hold on to the track just enough during those drifting stunts are a craze with rc drifters. If you are a speed freak then all you need to do is upgrade to stage 2 engine that will impart some nerve wrecking speed to your rc car.

Apart from the modifications mentioned above you will get a lot of other ways of customizing your xmod car. It’s not for nothing that people swear by its customization abilities.

So check out an XMOD RC Car to know it better. I bet you will not regret the time spent.

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