Zipzaps RC Cars

Miniature Models That Power Through The Track

Are you fanatic about Zipzaps rc cars? Well I for one won’t blame you for being a die hard fan of the mini rc sensations.

Radio Shack a popular electronic equipments manufacturer came up with a very small rc car model way back in the late 2002. They called the electronic cars Zipzaps. Introduction of this model took the rc modelling world by storm. Zipzaps cars sold way more than the projected sales figures by the company. It became a popular holiday gift item and scarcity of zipzaps rc car during the holiday season came to be seen as a common affair.

Zipzaps caught of with the imagination of its users and rose the popularity ladder at a phenomenal rate. Till date it enjoys the popularity. They are fast. They are cheap. They are small. At 1/64 scale these cars are known as micro rc cars.

Contrary to the belief because of its small size, zipzaps cars are fully customizable like bigger rc models. This makes these small rc cars unique.

What Do You Get When You Buy Zipzaps RC Cars

So what do you get when you buy one of the zipzaps pack from your local store?

Zipzaps kit that you buy would contain a chassis and rechargeable batteries to power the car. You will connect the gear and wheels to the chassis. Your selection of gears and wheels and body for the vehicle is at your discretion.

There are plenty of options for choosing the motor of Zipzaps. You may choose the motor with a modest 16000 rpm or may opt for the more advanced one offering 34000 rpm.

When it comes to gears you have three options viz 12:1, 9.86:1 and 8.25:1.

Zipzaps RC Cars Mechanism and Customization

The typical run time of these cars is about five minutes. It takes anywhere between forty seconds to one minute to charge a Zipzaps completely. To charge the car just mount it on the transmitter in its entirety. A wheel alignment lever placed below the vehicle helps in tracking.

Customization is of paramount importance for rc enthusiasts and Zipzaps offer those opportunities in plenty. You may choose a body of any of your favourite cars old and new to mount on the chassis. Some of the more popular ones are Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet Corvette, Hummer, Audi TT and Ford Mustang.

There are only two operational frequencies for Zipzaps radio controlled cars. They may operate at either 27 MHz or 49 MHz. That restricts the number of participants in Zipzaps car racing. At a given point of time only two racers can participate.

Some Zipzaps cars are equipped with working head and tail lights.

Get your zip zap rc cars and get ready to hit the zipzap street rally

Buying Zipzaps RC Electric Cars

Some of the best places for finding good deals on rc electric cars are listed below

Radio Shack Website

This is the place for procuring your Zipzaps. Radio Shack came out with this model and I believe is the most cost effective place to buy the cars online. I recommend this site. You’ll love what they have in store for you.

EBay is the premier auction site on the internet where you can find amazing deals on Zipzaps rc cars. You will find new and used cars at unbelievable prices. Check it out.

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