Zipzap Street Rally

Come Hit the Road and Play the Game

Zipzap Street Rally is just a game!

But my love for zipzaps makes it a little more than just another computer game. I love being a part of everything zipzap, so no wonder zipzaps street rally was an instant hit with me.

If you ever owned a zipzaps then you will appreciate this game better because you will feel the thunder and the excitement of racing your cars, although it will be virtual zipzaps street rally.

In real life zipzaps are small miniature rc cars manufactured and promoted by Radioshack. They were released to the market way back in 2002 and immediately caught of with the rc racing community’s imagination. The pieces rolled out of shop shelves at a higher rate than they were replenished. This has continued for quite some time and that reinforces the supremacy and popularity of zipzaps. Zipzaps street rally seems to be a logical extension in the virtual world. And need I say it’s popular in its own way as well.

Similar to the method of handling a real zipzap rc car while racing you have to follow the essential steps like charging before driving. In the zipzaps street rally game you must charge your car before racing, that of course if you care to win.

What Next After Zipzaps Street Rally?

Zipzaps street rally is fun for sure…no doubts whatsoever.

But then I believe driving Zipzaps in reality is more fun and adrenaline rushing experience. You will know what I am talking about if you have ever had the opportunity to drive zipzaps. If not its time to get one for yourself. You will not regret it.

Usually rc racing kits are expensive but not so with zip zap rc cars. You will find a set for under $20 and then you can enjoy it for a long time. Yes! It will be a better experience than the zipzaps street rally game.

Shopping For Real Life Zipzaps Street Rally Race

There are numerous places online and offline where you cab buy zipzaps for your real life zipzap street rally race. But then the ones I recommend for good deal are


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