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RC Cars Hub is your hangout joint to discuss, frown, get ecstatic, read, shop and have fun with our rc cars previews, news and reviews.

Here you get the chance to boast about your latest car (or the experiment that went wrong if you wish) with people who are eagerly waiting to hear from you.

This blog is your postman to help you know whats happening in the rc world and at www.rccarshub.com

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Contribute to Rc Cars

Would you like to share your knowledge about rc cars? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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My Hyper 8.5 PRO BUGGY

Just finished my Hobao Hyper 8.5 Pro Buggy I have taken some photos of the car. At the time i only have pictures of the buggy with the painted body on.Give

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My gas rc car

My gas RC car is fast it hits 125 MPH it tears up tires like nothing I wanted to know if you have any good tires that do not bun off as fast thank you

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Cheapest Gas RC Cars

Top Places To Find Cheapest Gas RC Cars.

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Build Your Own RC Car

Let Us Help You Build Your Own RC Car.

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Brushless RC Motors

Brushless RC Motors Are Better than Brushed Motors for More Reasons than One. Check Them Now.

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Tamiya Frog

Tamiya Frog

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Tamiya Hornet

Tamiya Hornet - The Legend

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Traxxas Summit

Have a Look At Traxxas Summit

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RC Nitro Trucks

RC Nitro Trucks Fanatics Have a Reason For Being So.

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