Tamiya Frog

Thereare a lot of off road dune buggies, but the Tamiya Frog was one of the first featuring a plastic frame and one of the first raceable dune buggies released by Tamiya.

Originally introduced in 1983 the Frog caught on quickly thanks to its light weight sleek polycarbonate body, space frame and started the trend of Tamiya dune buggies with animal themes. The rerelase is a faithful reproduction of the original, at 1/10 scale the white body features 2WD, nylon suspensions, a bumper for crash protection and is shock absorbent thanks to aluminum cylinder oil dampers, featuring a horizontal mount.

The original Frog mechanical unit has been replaced with an electronic speed control to allow for better speed control and reversing.

At 410 mm long and 240 mm wide, the Frog is small enough and portable enough for indoor and outdoor use. The rubber-like three piece wheels come with front ribbed tires and spiked rear tires for improved grip, that allow the Frog to perform well on any surface terrain and look uncannily realistic.

Full ball bearings and type 540 motor make the Frog stable for maximum acceleration or performing wild jumps. The sealed differential gearbox will resist dirt while the four-wheel independent suspension will deliver a smooth ride and keep the unit fully functional for your enjoyment.

With the Frog, nostalgia never looked so good! Purchase this faithful reproduction to get the vintage look and feel of the 1980s when off road rear 2WD dune buggies ruled.

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