RC Car Races

Database of the Most Famous RC Races World Wide

RC Car Races have become very popular off late with the increase of awareness among enthusiasts.

Not too long ago radio control hobby was confined to the realm of one's personal space. But today, thanks to the interest shown by rc manufacturers and enthusiasts it has spread it's wing into professionally held racing championships world over.

We guys here at RC Cars Hub are on a mission to compile an exhaustive list of rc races being held around the world. The purpose is to bring all the races under one roof so that rc freaks world over get a common platform to discuss this magnificent hobby.

This section of the site related to listing of rc races will be continuously updated. The organization structure will also change over a period of time as we have more and more listings to be appended to the existing database.

For the time being we will have five sections to list races in no specific order

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • Rest of World

Please send in information about your favourite rc races to be included in our database. It would be great if you can share some photographs that you have from those races but then that is not at all mandatory.

This is going to be an exhaustive list of races happening around the globe. Come! Help us compile this database.

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