RC Monster Trucks

Handling RC Monster Trucks gives me a kick that I can rarely compare with any other experience.

If you have ever had the opportunity to get your hands upon one then you will understand why I am so excited talking about RC Trucks that growl and roar.

RC cars are good but once you fall in love with a RC monster truck then you will develop a special corner for the big boy. Or at least that was the case with me.

Here I will give you an insider’s account of the amazingly fast, zippy and furious world of radio controlled monster trucks.

Are you getting started with RC trucks? May be you are new to the entire hobby of radio controlled vehicles. Or are you a seasoned expert looking for some quick reviews and heads up on the latest happening in the RC truck world?

Irrespective of which stage of your RC hobby you are in, this section of the RC Cars Hub site will be your friend, philosopher and guide as far as rc monster trucks information on the web is concerned.

To start with let us understand the various options you have with RC Trucks.

Nitro, Electric or Gas?

Based on the power generation method and fuel used RC trucks are broadly categorized into the following two categories

  • Nitro Powered

    RC Nitro Trucks like nitro run RC cars use nitro fuel to power the engine. Usually people do not differentiate between nitro fuel powered RC trucks and gas RC trucks. But then there is a little difference between both of them. Gas powered RC trucks are much bigger than nitro monster trucks. Moreover gas trucks use gasoline and the energy generation principle is by far the closest to actual cars that run on freeways.

  • Electric Powered

    The other category of RC monster trucks is powered by chargers that make use of electricity. Electric powered RC trucks are gaining popularity with the masses because of the ease of use. It’s all about zapping your charger to the socket and charging it for some time before you have hours of fun. It’s super easy and fast to get an electric truck on the track as compared to that of gas RC trucks.

Manufacturers of RC Monster Trucks

Here is a partial list of manufacturers who have a proven history of coming up with robust designs for monster trucks. Check them out.

We have plans of having a separate section for reviewing radio controlled monster trucks. That will give you quick information about the products that you might be interested in.

Have a look at the manufacturers list

  • Team Associated
  • Team Losi
  • Tamiya
  • HPI
  • Kyosho

Buying Monster Trucks Online

The convenience of online shopping has bitten RC fanatics world over. The flexibility of choosing the best of breed cars, engines, accessories for ultra competitive prices make online shopping a preferred way of buying RC stuff.

So where do you think you can find the best of RC products online. Here is a list of places that I recommend in no specific order.


Hobbytron is a company that has been around for quite some time now and they know the stuff that they are dealing with. If you need to buy something from a reliable online store then Hobbytron is a great place to start with.

Red Rocket Hobbies

Red Rocket Hobbies is another preferred place of mine when it comes to shopping RC products online. Not only they have a good selection of products but their inventory includes almost any vehicle you might be looking for.

In fact red rocket hobbies go much further than storing RC products only. Just have a look at their offerings. I am sure you will find lot of stuff that you may want to buy.

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