Nitro RC Car Racing

Tips and Techniques That the Pros Use To Win

Hey! I have been in the nitro rc car racing circuit for quite some time but seem to make no progress with rc driving skills.

Does that sound like you?

If so read on. This article is jam packed with tips and techniques to make you a much better rc driver and make the most of your machine. Having a race winning car is very important for any wannabe champion but then that can never undermine the importance of sharpening your driving skills. I have seen numerous instances where in a driver with sharp racing skills and a mediocre car has defeated many powerful rc cars run by less skilled rc drivers.

Nitro RC Car Racing Tips

Here are some pointers to improving your rc driving skills.

Practice on Track

This is as much a psychological game as much it is physical. So having a feel of true race conditions wherever possible during practice helps a lot. Moving your car in random directions won’t do any good to your skills. So it would be good for you to create a mini track where you can practice before the actual race. Preparing a practice track is not that much difficult if you are aware of the basic types of track designs. We will get into that in a different article.

Mentally Adjust To Directions

One of the most frequent problems faced by new rc drivers is that of adjusting to directions. Let me give you an instance. When the car is travelling towards you, if you are not a seasoned rc driver and are just starting off, then you might feel that the car is turning in the opposite direction to that of the transmitter movement. You will understand the logic if you imagine yourself sitting in the driver’s seat of your rc car. So these kinds of problems will not be encountered if you go through a lot of training before taking up a nitro rc car racing challenge.

Focus While Driving

Be it real life driving or rc car driving focussing on the road or track is very important. There are many reasons the primary being safety of self and others. To win the race also it is required that you survive any potential accident and go on to complete the race. Make sure you are focussed on the forward part of area of vision with the rc car at the back. If you keep concentrating on the car itself then you will loose out on prior notice of obstacles or turns. This might lead to reduced reactions time for you and potential danger for your rc car.

Practice Cornering Techniques

While driving in races its not more often than not you will face tracks having multiple corners. These races and track designs are deliberately made so in order to test the skill levels of the drivers. Thus it is of prime importance that you learn to negotiate these curves with good guile. Usually cornering is one area where you may loose out on time and speed much to the delight of your competitors if you are an inexperienced driver. “Slow in and fast out” is the buzz word when it comes to cornering among racers. Some skilled rc drivers go for unbelievable drifting in order to gain some time over others. While working on your cornering skills try to smooth and stable turn without compromising much on speed.

Nitro RC Car Racing Equipments

Professional racers use a variety of gadgets to ensure that every minute detail is taken care of before they get onto the track. The good news is that these gadgets and equipments are available to anybody who cares to use them. These might not make a huge difference but then it’s only a fraction of second that separates the winner from the runners up.

So have fun with these cool gadgets

Weight Balancer

This is an instrument that measures the load coming onto each of your four tires. This is important to you as a racer because so much depends upon the traction generated which in turn depends upon the load exerted by the tire on the track. So balancing the load distribution before racing improves your winning chances dramatically.

Tire Tuner

Tire tuners are important gadgets for touring cars. If you are into touring car racing then you better be equipped with this.


Dyno is equipment that helps you measure the power of your car. This kind of data is really useful for serious racers.

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