Vintage RC Cars

Nostalgia of the Past is Way Too Hard To Ignore

…and that’s why this page on here is about Vintage RC Cars.

We all are die hard enthusiasts of the current day rc cars. And it seems somehow the glitz and power of latest rc machines has pushed the vintage cars into unknown darkness to hog the limelight.

Well not really…

Even today you will find hardcore rc enthusiasts savouring their old models. And this page on vintage rc trucks and cars is dedicated to that group of fans who have lived through the era of rc cars evolution. For them parting with that old love is next to impossible.

Here you will find some of the classic vintage cars mentioned. If you find one that you have some old connection with, I bet you will loose your self in the nostalgia and those memories will linger around your thoughts for quite some time. If that is the case then write back to us about your love story with the car. We will be more than happy to share that with the world by publishing on our website

Vintage RC Cars Models That You’ll Love

So let’s get on the voyage to rediscover the old treasures of rc world. The vintage radio controlled cars are arranged according to the year they were introduced in the market. The chronology is from old to new.

Year 1977

  • Tamiya Porsche 935 (Tamiya)

Year 1978

  • Tamiya Toyota Celica LB Turbo Gr.5 (Tamiya)
  • Tamiya Lamborghini (Tamiya)
  • Robbe Eleck Peanuts (Kyosho)

Year 1979

  • Tamiya Sand Scorcher (Tamiya)
  • Graupner Renault Alpine A 310 (Kyosho)

Year 1980

  • Tamiya Datsun 280 ZX RM Mk.2 (Tamiya)

Year 1981

  • Tamiya Ford F150 Ranger XLT (Tamiya)
  • Carrera Jeep Renegade (Carrera)

Year 1982

  • Tamiya Super Champ (Tamiya)
  • 566 B Super Trail (AYK)
  • Bolink Digger 10 (Bolink)

Year 1983

  • Tamiya Frog (Tamiya)
  • Sidewinder (AYK)
  • Graupner Scorpion/Beetle (Kyosho)
  • Eigenbau Dreckspatz

Year 1984

  • Tamiya Porsche 956 RM Mk.5 (Tamiya)
  • Asso RC 10 (Associated Electrics)
  • Rock’n City (Hirobo)
  • Dog Fighter (Yokomo)
  • Eigenbau Greyhound

Year 1985

  • Tamiya Bruiser (Tamiya)
  • Bobcat (AYK)
  • Robbe Progress 4WDS (Kyosho)
  • Zerda (Hirobo)
  • Bull Dog (Mugan)

Year 1986

  • Tamiya Porsche 959 (Tamiya)
  • Graupner Optima (Kyosho)
  • Alien Mid (Hirobo)
  • SG Coyote
  • Eigenbau Zerda
  • PB Mini Mustang

Year 1988

  • Super Dog Fighter (Yokomo)

Year 1991

  • Works 91 (Yokomo)

I personally know some people who are maniac about rc vintage cars. So far so that they have made it a mission of their life to collect these vintage radio controlled cars. They go through a lot of pain to collate all those broken parts, toil hard to join them and then come up with an adorable vintage rc model car. People I know always had such beautiful stories to tell about their vintage cars and all that with a lot of passion. But alas most of those stories end up without reaching the rc vintage cars enthusiasts world over.

Our sole effort here is to get in as much information as possible about various vintage rc cars. You can help us get in more information on vintage cars. Please submit any of your vintage rc car pictures or stories to preserve the history on this web page.

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