Traxxas Summit

The traxxas summit is the new all wheel terrain truck from Traxxas. This extreme terrain monster truck has the first anti lock differentials with any model. This body has been designed to hold up to some touch offloading and has a complete lighting system.

The Traxas Summit is a new take on several designs. With this all terrain truck, you get a monster truck, rock crawler and a scale truck in one package. While it gives off the shadow of a monster type truck, this unit actually has a detailed scale sized body with unique tools underneath the hood.

The features on the Traxas Summit include several unique tricks from the industry. Perhaps the most popular is the remote locking differentials, it takes the simple flip of a switch to change from front only to rear lock. This patent pending design allows you to quickly turn your Summit into a rock crawling machine by letting you control the lock and unlock features of the front and rear differentials directly from the transmitter.

This vehicle also has five servos on the chassis. In addition to the steering servos, there are two micro servos that work to engage the from and rear diff locks by using two rods attached to the locker arm. The third handles the shifting with the low and high gears on the transmission.

Need suspension? Take the hood off to see the REVO lineup. Double A-arms are used with which connects the arms to the suspension rockers. Your Summit rig will allow you to turn your rig without any hop-ups.

The linkage suspension system includes unparallel suspension, with a tunable progressive damping adjustment, as well as an independent ride adjustment.

It comes with a 16.8 volt electronic speed control, delivering extreme torque with its 775 Titan motor. The body is made of aluminum shocks, with dual ball bearing steering. The control and power make this one monster truck you don't want to be without.

This vehicle requires a total of eight AA batteries for the transmitter, and two 7.2V six cell or 8.4V 7 cell stick packs. Your charger will depend on the type of battery you are using.

The Traxxas is fully assembled and ready to use, complete with a TQ-4 Radio system. The vehicle is also able to go through wet conditions, since the electrical system is water sealed. Not every vehicle can claim this, able to be driven through water, mud and snow.

If you are looking for a truck that can do it all, go with the Traxxas Summit for a truck that comes with a long reputation for durable and long lasting trucks.

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