Zip Zap RC Cars Maintenance

Issues, Tips and Techniques

Love zip zap rc cars? I bet you do or you won’t be here looking for zipzaps rc cars maintenance tips and solution to generic issues.

Well now that you are here and looking for some useful tips to increase the longevity and performance of your zipzaps let me help you through the page. In this page you will find information about some common issues with zipzaps and probable solutions to those problems. The following section is more about the functionality problems and caring tips you must follow to get the best out of your zipzaps rc cars. In this section you will learn about some of the technical problems that you might need answered.

Here I will describe the steps in simple English to help you understand the concept.

Zip Zap RC Cars Common Issues and Maintenance Help

On many occasions I have come across situations where in the motor of zipzaps rc cars run but then they do not talk to the controller. The motor simply does not respond to the communications from the controller. In this case there are chances that the problem is not with the equipment but with your usage.

The way this entire system works is that there are signals sent from controller to the engine. The signal may become weak with the increase in distance between the controller and zipzaps rc cars motor. As the signal works fine within a range you got to ensure that you operate within a range where communication between the two parts is possible.

The solution to this problem is very simple though. If you observe that the Motor of zipzaps run but the communication from controller is lacking then move closer to the car and try using the controls from this reduced distance. The idea is to be within the communicable distance between zipzaps car's motor and the controller.

I simple love the small but powerful zipzaps rc cars. However one thing about them that annoys me a lot is that they do not work if placed near a device that uses the same frequency channel. There’s not much that I can do about it, but then just imagine all set to run the micro rc indoors only to learn later that it’s not operational because of some other electronic gadget that’s been there since ages.

Most zipzaps rc cars enthusiasts drive for a continuous stretch of time. This demands you to programme and recharge the batteries frequently. You must turn the rc car and controller off, then on and then recharge/reprogramme.

Zip zap rc cars are favourites mainly because of their small size and high speed. But what’s the point in having a micro rc that does not touch the speed it’s made for. In certain cases even after recharging you will observe that the speed of the zip zap rc cars is slow compared to its potential speed. This may be due to some problem with the wheel mechanism. Check the mechanism for dust. Accumulation of dust may affect the free rolling of the wheel thus slowing down the zipzaps rc cars.

Programming and adjustments are an important part of any rc hobby. Same is the case with zipzaps rc cars. You will have to spend some time with it getting it into a shape where it responds perfectly to your instructions.

You may face a situation wherein even after releasing the trigger the zipzaps rc cars do not stop moving. Now this calls for an adjustment of the neutral adjustment screw which is located at the rear side of the controller. You will have to adjust it such a way that the wheels stop.

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