Tamiya Hummer

It’s Only For the BIG Bad Boys

Tamiya Hummer is a model that was released by Tamiya replicating the famous military vehicle Hummer.

The 4 wheel drive off-road monster represented hummer to great details only noticeable difference being the scale. It’s impressed one and all with its similarity to the real life hummer.

If you have ever seen the car you must have observed that the Hummer from Tamiya is not a 1/10 scale model rather a 1/12 scale model. As you know hummer is huge. In order to keep the dimensions of the hummer within the range of the standard parts including the TA-01 chassis it had to be made to a lower scale that is 1/12. TA-01 chassis is reliable as far as proper running is concerned and comes with an advantage of readily available aftermarket parts.

However in this model some minor modifications were made to the chassis and the suspension system. Suspension arms were made to handle the car better. Oil filled shocks were added that came up as a boon to the rc car. These dampeners are very useful especially for rally cars like hummer.

Body is made of plastic that is made out of injection moulding process ensuring top notch quality of the material used. As said earlier all the details have been replicated to the rc model…

but then that is what you expect from Tamiya Don't You?

Hummer is more of a rally vehicle and would be ideally running in smooth dirt roads. However if you test it on the true off-road terrains then you better be prepared for some disappointment. The suspension system is not really supportive of extreme off-road conditions. Tamiya's hummer may be good enough for on-road trips though you might face problem while cornering.

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