Tamiya TXT-1

4X4 Monster Truck That’s Here To Thrill You

Did you check the Tamiya TXT-1 pickup truck?

It’s got all the ingredients to stun you with all the brawn that you could ever think of in an rc truck. Raw power of txt-1 is more than enough to mesmerize you, so explore the car at your own risk if you are hard pressed for money to buy it. It will entice you for sure because owning it would add an immensely powerful beast to your rc collection.

Tamiya TXT 1 is a perfect scale model of an American Monster Truck. 510 mm long and 385 mm wide txt-1 stands tall at 297 mm. It’s an electric truck that is not rtr meaning you will have to spend some (or may be a lot) time assembling it. It is powered by two parallely placed twin motors that transfer a lot of power to the propeller shaft and the front and rear axles.

The chassis is robustly built and can take any off-road with utmost ease. The two parallel 540 size motors supply power to all the four wheels that helps in combating obstacles in off roads. The side frames are made of aluminum, thickness being about six inches. Aluminum suspension arms combined with other durable parts make the chassis equipped to handle heavy duty loads. Apart from making the structure highly durable the aluminum side frames and suspension arms give tamiya txt-1 a customized look.

Tamiya TXT suspension system is designed to allow swift movement in off-roads that include small rocks and debris masses on the way. Thus the rolling movement is very high. Even though this is good for an off-road truck the case is not so when you want to participate in a race. The suspension system as such makes the truck unstable for racing purposes. In order to make it race worthy it’s essential to reduce the rolling of the truck. This can be easily done by removing the cantilevers and connecting the axle to the chassis directly. Doing this will enhance the body stability you need in a racing truck.

Tamiya's TXT-1 uses an efficient 2 level gear box for appropriate transfer of power and it does a good work of providing power while running the truck. Gear ratio in Tamiya TXT-1 is greater than the ratio in most of the cars in the same family because it’s more tilted towards off-road expeditions and rock climbing rather than racing. However the gear may be adjusted to generate more power or more speed depending upon what is it you want to use the car for.

Performance of any rc car is dependent on its wheels to a certain extent and it is no different with TXT-1. Rigid 4-link wheels in txt-1 boast of push rods, dampers and locking arms. All these along with monster tires make it easy for tamiya txt to be comfortable on any kind of road without you worrying about grip or traction.

The radio control unit of Tamiya TXT1 includes a radio system and a six cell battery. This is a four wheel drive truck that will use two servos one for each pair. Giant servos would work really well with the impeccable control even at low speeds.

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Best Places to Buy Tamiya TXT-1

We recommend the following online shops for buying Tamiya TXT1. There services are good and reliable.

  • Hobbytron.com
  • Redrockethobbies.com

Some other places to look for are

  • Hobbywarehouse
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • RCUniverse

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