Tamiya TA03

A Chassis with the Stuff You Need

Tamiya ta03 chassis were introduced after the ta02 series. It was aimed at drivers at an intermediate stage. In this article we will explore the various ta03 chassis that have hit the market.

TA03 chassis from Tamiya makes use of four wheel belt drive to attain high efficiency in power transmission. The difference between various chassis discussed here is the variation in its wheel base and the kind of drive systems.

TA03 Family from Tamiya

Here are various ta03 chassis that have seen the light of the day. I have given a little information about its make and specifications for information purposes.


The first kit to be introduced by Tamiya after the TA02 series is TA03 F. The tub chassis common to earlier tamiya models still exists in this model. This 1/10 scale rc car is 17.8” long with a wheel base of 10.2”. The car is 7.3” wide and stands tall at 5.6”. It weighs around 5.1 lbs. The body accompanying the kit used to be an Audi A4.


This model is a tamiya manufactured ta03 f with shortened wheel base dimensions. This is one 1/10 scale rc model weighing 3.5 lbs. It came with Dome Mugen NSX body.


This is also very much similar to ta03 f. However it has a mid mounted engine unlike ta03 f. This is of 1/10 scale weighing 3.5 lbs. Length of the car is 17.1”, width and height being 7.6” and 4.7” respectively.


This is shortened in length as compared to ta03 R and is mid mounted. Its 16.9” long, 7.6” wide and 4.5” high. TA03 R-S weighs 2.5 lbs and comes with a Nissan R390 GT1 body.

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