Duratrax Thunderquake

Better than any Other Buggy Converted To Monster Truck

Duratrax Thunderquake is a buggy-monster truck that is very different from most of the converted monster trucks that have been buggies in their previous life. It’s a good possession for anybody looking for a nitro monster.

The main chassis of Thunderquake is a typical offering from Duratrax that measures 3 mm. Upper deck along with the main chassis is made of anodized Aluminum.

The radio box mounted on chassis of Thunderquake contains the communication system that includes receiver of radio signals. The battery of the receiver is housed within this box. It also encloses three servos within its boundaries.

Thunderquake is a very heavy vehicle. It certainly is a front runner in the weight category among all the heavy nitro rc cars and trucks. Given its weight and performance expectations it’s almost mandatory to have durable parts for the driveline.

A strong and well designed drive train that’s capable of taking the abuse is needed and that is exactly what Duratrax Thunderquake is equipped with. Differentials in thunderquake consist of planetary gears. The bevel and pinion gears used in this nitro buggy are made of steel. The concentration on durability is so much that even the dual spur gears for the clutch are made of steel.

Now days reverse gear systems present in rc trucks, if at all, make use of clutches. From the perspective of simplicity the reverse gear system in Thunderquake is way ahead as it makes absolutely no use of clutches for this purpose. It’s a simple wire hoop arrangement in the gearbox that engages and disengages a primary gear with a counter gear to attain the required objective.

A solid braking system won’t let you down in this duratrax machine. The system features a pair of steel callipers clamping a steel rotor.

Thunderquake features lower and upper wishbone arms that are mounted in a fashion to sweep forward at the front and rearwards at the rear end of the monster truck. All this results in an increased wheel base i.e. 14.1”. This is great for bumps on a muddy track but then it leaves a lot to be done when it comes to manoeuvring corners and controlling the rolling of the truck. The fact that the Thunderquake shocks are filled with silicone liquid, makes shock absorption that much easier.

Thunderquake uses a Duratrax Torq .21 engine that has a proven track record of good performance. A sturdy aluminum piece acts as the connecting rod. There is a very special pull-started mechanism is Thunderquake that saves a lot of work for the engine as compared to other pull starters. A 125cc tank feeds the Torq .21 engine in this truck.

In terms of looks the factory finished attire of this monster truck is eye catching. The muscular get up goes well with the prowess of the truck. The tires in this truck are very different from most other trucks in its category. Tires are glued to the wheels in the factory itself, so there is not much to worry in that aspect.

The wheels are set with zero offset which is great for efficient transmission of bump effects to the suspension.

If you are looking for performance in your rc truck then Duratrax Thunderquake will bring a smile to your face. To keep it straight and simple it performs.

When you purchase the kit it will come with its own fuel bottle and glow starter. After going through the first few break in tanks you will be ready to go for full throttle. Achieving top speed of about 31 mph is very much possible with Duratrax Thunderquake. This is very good for a truck of its size and weight.

Initially it might be a problem to get proper response from brakes. But then after a few runs it should fall in place. This truck is very stable while cornering and will not flip easily. That ensures you have a lot of fun driving it.

We had a lot of fun reviewing this buggy converted monster truck. Hope you enjoy driving a Duratrax Thunderquake as much as we did.

We are looking forward to your experiences with Duratrax Thunderquake. Send us your experiences, photographs, complaints about the truck and become a proud author of your own article on this popular rc car and truck website.

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