Duratrax Ice

It’s More Than the Average Battery Charger

Carrying Duratrax Ice or for that matter any charger is considered to be the forte of electric car racers. However it’s always helpful for the nitro car racers to carry a good charger though their minimal usage can be usually done with cheap ones available in the market.

If you are an electric car racer then I urge you not to reduce the life of your quality batteries by using some cheap $20 charger. Instead look for an investment in the long run. Ice is certainly one battery charger that you can put your money on. Trust me, its going to be a good investment.

This is a DC charger. That means you cannot use it for alternating current available through the electric sockets found in your home. For this charger to be used in conjunction with AC current source you will need an AC-DC converter.

RC hobbyists will find Ice to be a handy supplement to their paraphernalia. But then the Ice comes with features that can cater to a much larger user base than hobbyists. We will get into the details shortly.

Duratrax Ice Features

As an avid rc hobbyist you will be using different kinds of batteries with various charging patterns. Some of the common batteries and charging schemes are preloaded to the memory of Ice charger. Even though there are quite a number of preloaded schemes in the battery you can alter or delete them and load your required batteries and charging pattern details as per requirement.

Ice comes with a lot of safety parameters. Ice gives you the flexibility of changing almost all the parameters. The safety measures inbuilt prevent overcharging your battery pack. Duratrax Ice is better equipped to prevent any damage to the pack, charger or the surrounding area as compared to any other contemporary charger.

Customization Options in Duratrax Ice

As said earlier Ice is very flexible in terms of customization option it provides. Let me give you a glimpse of some of those abilities of Duratrax Ice charger

The automatic operation of the fan depends upon the choices you make. It may or may not run automatically as per the options you select in your charger.

To mark the completion of charging you can put sounds of your choice in place. The duration of time for which the sound continues can also be determined and set by you. It’s possible to display your name on the charger LCD screen. This is a neat feature as you will find it convenient to mark your charger when you are in a group containing more than one chargers.

While working with Ice you need not worry about excessive voltage and overheating of the battery. You can customize the settings to limit operations to a certain voltage and temperature levels.

Different battery packs have limitations as to the amount of current that can be passed into them. With Ice battery charger you can control this aspect of charging your rc battery pack. You can control trickle charge application to your battery pack as well.

If you store a pack for a while then you will observe its decrease in performance on several parameters. This can be cured to a great extent by using the cycling feature available in a charger.

The discharge function combined with the reflex method is good add-ons to have in a charger. While charging there are very good chances of bubbles being formed on the walls of the cells due to oxidation. Reflex method will prevent such bubbles and make for very efficient charging.

More often than not there is a time lag between the time you charge the pack and the time you drive your car. It’s certainly a problem if you are into racing and want every bit of charge in place. There is provision in Ice to resolve this issue as well.

Four step charging method is another significant facility that must be talked about in a Duratrax Ice. The philosophy governing this process is that a certain amount of charge at different stages of the charging process can increase the power output of the car during performance. It is permitted for NiMH and NiCad packs only and must be used by experienced personnel only because of safety factors associated with it.

With Ice you have real time charging and discharging metrics available to you. It’s possible for you to alter the graph parameters if you wish to do so. That gives you a clear picture of things happening to your battery pack.

Thus in a nutshell Duratrax Ice is a power packed charger in a very light weight package. It’s got some limitations in terms of discharge rate but definitely a strong contender to be anybody’s rc kitty.

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