Duratrax Axis

Finally A Buggy For Beginners

I believe Duratrax Axis is certainly an ideal rc vehicle for beginners. However I would take this opportunity to make it clear that I don’t say it’s not of any use to the experienced enthusiast. This article contains some facts about Duratrax and my opinion on Axis rc buggy.

Axis is a ready to run buggy meaning you need spend a lot of time assembling it. A few minor attachments and you are all set to drive the rc buggy. As I said aimed at beginners who will not really appreciate the finer nuances of assembling an rc car from kit.

Since most of the buggy comes preassembled all you need to do is fit the antenna, install the air filter, put the batteries in place and pour in fuel to get going.

The pack you purchase will contain some decals that you might consider putting on the body of your Axis buggy. Even though this is not really needed for running it I recommend you take some time to put the decals in place. It’s not much of a pain if you follow the instructions to the tee. It’s all worth the effort.

Impressive features make Axis a top gun in its category. Usually rtr kits are pre assembled but in case of Duratrax buggies it simply is more than that. Not only this buggy is pre assembled, but the pack includes

  • Receiver and Transmitter
  • Servo
  • Battery

That means you have absolutely no need wondering around for these components to make your Duratrax buggy run.

Axis being a buggy has its own advantages over monster trucks. This is very evident when you see the braking system in it. Axis uses dual disk brakes for the purpose.

As in any shaft driven system you will find universal axles at the front. Tie-rods along with camber rods at the front are made of steel in Axis buggy.

Now let’s move onto the tires and fuel storage part of a Axis.

Duratrax Axis comes with pin-spike tires. Any standard brand of 1:8 scale tires would fit in. Ball bearings when counted come to eighteen in number. It uses a 3-shoe clutch generally used for racing purposes (…you have the bare essentials to take on a challenge!).

The fuel tank is large standing at 125 cc. That makes sure you get a lot of running hour. The fuel tank consists of a spill tray that helps you in removing excess fuel in a convenient fashion.

In terms of performance measures the Axis exceeds expectations. Roar of the 1:8 scale nitro engine is pleasing to ears. Speed is good and the buggy is sturdy enough to ignore a beginner’s mistakes.

The body of Duratrax buggy is set low. So while driving through grass you will observe a little resistance from them. In this case powering the engine makes the task effortless.

On the other hand its fun running the buggy in a track made of stones. It shows some real good capability to manoeuvre through the stones that might get stuck in it. One of the major tests for any buggy would be its capability to execute jumps. Fortunately Axis is very much capable of doing that and that too with good guile.

Overall Duratrax Axis is a good starting RC buggy. If you are beginner and are not sure whether to go for rc car or truck and are eluded by the best of both worlds then I recommend Duratrax Axis for you.

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