Duratrax Warhead

A Beast That's Tough To Tame

Duratrax Warhead is a tough mean machine that will force other rc racers to rethink before pitting their trucks against yours.

If you are looking to tame a large beast then 1:8 scale Warhead is a good bet. This monster truck combines raw power with muscular looks to give you a high that most other rc trucks cannot.

Warhead body comes in six different colors viz green, white, purple, yellow, blue and red. Screen printing is done on the body. Associated stickers accompany the pack. You will have to put the stickers in place to accentuate the good looks of this monster truck. Believe me its all worth the effort.

When you purchase a Warhead you will not find yourself wondering for instructions to get started with running the truck. It comes with a lot of documentation that’s easy to read and understand. There is a supplementary DVD covering essentials of all the assembly and adjustments you might need to do to get the most out of this truck.

There is a three channel radio made by Futaba accompanying Warhead. The radio controls the steering, reverse functions and throttle.

Warhead’s chassis setup is a little different than the conventional ones. It makes use of twin vertical plates that increases the stability of the entire structure but then that comes at a price. This kind of arrangement makes accessibility to different parts placed on the chassis difficult. That in turns makes maintenance a real pain.

Two plastic plates placed at the bottom of the truck do a good job of protecting the underside from obstacles like rocks. This is a good way of increasing the life of the truck.

Warhead is made for off roads, so it’s expected that it handles jumps and bumpy tracks well. Fortunately it is capable of delivering to expectations, thanks to the eight shock suspension system.

The shocks in Warhead are adjustable to a great extent. You may increase the chassis height if you want to go for jumps or may opt for lower height to make handling easier. The front bumper looks sturdy and does well against any head-on collisions.

The steering system is designed for strength and endurance. 2 mm thick Aluminum steering arms connected to the steering block are a testimony to Duratrax Warhead’s commitment to provide the maximum strength possible.

A SuperTigre motor with 0.27 cu in displacement powers Duratrax Warhead truck. The attachment of the motor to the motor mount is very easy and user friendly. You may easily fix and unfix the screws to fasten or unfasten the motor to the mount. However the idle adjustment screw is not easily accessible. You will need patience to access it in case you feel some tuning is required.

The drive train in Warhead is protected by a slipper clutch. The tension of slipper clutch can be loosened or tightened as per requirement. A spur gear made of plastic is used in the transmission system. Differentials are conveniently housed in a plastic box that’s fastened with six screws.

This truck on more than one occasion has deviated from the accepted norm for monster trucks. The fuel tank design is unique is design. It has two separate compartments one relatively smaller than the other. I haven’t come across this design in any of the other contemporary rc trucks.

Before you hit the dirt take some time to insert the provided antenna into the respective tubing for better communication between the radio and the receiver. After the receiver’s antenna is set in place take control of the radio’s antenna. Fix it in place and you are all set to drive the newly bought Duratrax Warhead.

Overall Duratrax Warhead seems to be an rc truck made for the long run. It has good strength and endurance properties, exactly the traits you need in a monster truck. So if you have been wondering whether to buy this or not I believe by now you must have taken a decision. I feel this is a good buy for a truck.

We would love to hear your Duratrax Warhead stories. So if you want to be a published author on this site then send us your warhead experiences along with photos and we will publish it to the world on this site.

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