Duratrax Evader

Got Yours Yet?

Duratrax Evader is a very popular line up of off-road buggies and stadium trucks from Duratrax. It’s got some real good vehicles in its line up.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s jump into the world of Evader and explore all it has to offer.

Some of the popular Evader models are as follows


This Evader is a 1:10 scale model radio controlled off-road stadium truck powered by electricity. This comes as a ready to run kit. Salient features include chassis made of composite, great looking trimmed body, adjustable clutch that responds to the running surface and delivers power appropriately to ensure proper traction and adjustable camber and caster. Turnbuckles for suspension system are made of steel and can be adjusted to suit various driving conditions. Overall this satisfies the need of a basic stadium truck.

Evader EP BX RTR

Evader EP BX is a two wheel drive ready to run buggy of 1:10 scale. It is an electric powered off-road buggy that’s fun to run. The chassis is found with countersunk holes. This buggy uses a photon speed motor and futaba radio. Powerful oil filled shocks made of aluminum make for some good shock absorption capabilities needed by an off-road buggy. Adjustable camber, caster and suspension give you flexibility to modify as per your requirements. Structural details have been taken care of in this model as you will find a black detailed bumper included in the pack.

Evader EP ST RTR

Evader EP is a 1:10 scale radio controlled ready to run truck from Duratrax. This off- road truck is powered by two wheel drive system. The package contains Futaba radio, pre painted body and electronic speed control. Evader ST truck is ideal for the aspiring racer beginning with rc trucks. The convenience of ready to run truck ensures that the beginner spends more time in running the car rather than assembling it. On the other hand the features of this truck are comparable to the contemporary racing trucks thereby making sure that in case it’s challenged there is enough to give competitors a run for their money.

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