Traxxas T-Maxx

The Nitro Monster Truck That Will Push Competition to Oblivion

Traxxas T-Maxx is a 4X4 monster truck that is nitro fuel powered, laced with disc brakes and monstrous looks to scare away your competition on the track. This is a hot favourite with rc truck enthusiasts for all good reasons.

The T-Maxx kit comes ready to run. Its pre built and configured from the factory. You need to add fuel into the fuel tank and the battery before setting it on the track. However there are certain other things you better take care of before diving into driving your rc monster.

The body of the vehicle may not be pre-decaled. In that case you may decal it to get a feel of the beautiful car in actions. The decals are pre cut into appropriate size and it’s not as difficult or cumbersome as painting the whole body all by yourself. T-Maxx comes with 4 different color schemes. I suggest you spend some time gluing the tires on to the wheels. If not you could easily loose a lot of power if the wheel starts rotating within the tires. The idea is not to allow any relative velocity creep into the tire-wheel system.

Traxxas T-Maxx Driven By TRX2.5

TRX2.5 racing engine in the T-Maxx delivers more horse power than any other in business at the moment.

It follows the basic principle to achieve higher speed and acceleration. Usually monster trucks and buggies would house big heavy engines that generate good power and claim to be powerful.

But that’s not how things work.

Any body who has been into racing at some time or the other understands the importance of maintaining a proper power to weight ratio. In the trucks I mentioned earlier the intended speed and acceleration is never realized because of the increased weight and bulk of the engine itself. However in case of Traxxas T-Maxx it’s different because the high power to weight ratio attained through innovation in technology provides it high speeds and acceleration.

Suspension and more

Suspension system in T-Maxx is well designed to handle the stability issues of this fast and furious truck. The shock towers and the suspension arms of t-maxx sport new shock mounting positions. Lots of adjustable features let you obtain the behaviour you need from the truck. You may adjust the front caster for finer handling. The easy adjustment and durability is obtained through the special pivot ball design of the suspensions. Increased diameter of the suspension turnbuckles provides extra strength and is designed to provide perfect accurate alignment.

Chassis and Rest of Traxxas T-Maxx

Let’s talk about the chassis. I just love the traxxas chassis because they almost every time design it for sturdiness, always ready to take on abuse and still stand up to task the next time. T-Maxx chassis is no different. It’s made of T-6 Aluminium the kind of material used for aircrafts. More over the chassis thickness has been increased to 3 mm. This improves the rigidity of the body and thus helps in preserving the life of associated components by reducing wear and tear.

High power of T-Maxx demands strong drive shafts. The drive shafts used in this monster truck are of larger diameter thus handling the extra power with utmost efficiency.

If you are looking to buy this Traxxas monster truck then I suggest you have a look at or We recommend them because it’s a pleasure dealing with them.

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