Traxxas Slayer

Arguably the First Nitro Truck Offering Pro 4* Excitement

Are you a short course race fan? If yes take a look at Traxxas Slayer. Chances are you will get hooked to it.

It’s no secret that manufacturers of rc models draw inspiration from real life models. Most often they try to bring our rc models that closely resemble their real life counterparts. The change however they strive for is to maintain a certain parametric ratio in all aspects of the car or truck. That is how we have radio control cars of different scales.

Time and again it has so happened that manufacturers have turned on to professional grade races that are appreciated by people, for launch of new models. Pro 4 happens to be one such exciting race which has been a virgin territory for manufacturers so far with no good rc model providing the short race feeling of Pro 4.

But not now…

As Slayer is an answer to enthusiasts’ search for a rc pro 4 equivalent. It gets you all the excitement of short course racing at your own backyard or at the local race track. This is already available in the market and the fact that it aims to provide real time Pro 4 excitement has created a lot of buzz for this truck in the rc community.

Now let’s look into why this truck is being dubbed as a representation of the Pro 4 cars. First you might want to know the traits or requirements of actual Pro 4 cars. Pro 4 racing trucks compete in Championship Off Road RacingTM. These trucks are in the range of 800+ horse power and have a very high power to weight ratio.

Slayer does a good job when it comes to the horse power rating. More over it boasts of very good weight to power ratio that compares well to that of the real short course race trucks.

Given the fact that Pro 4 racing is an off road event it’s but natural that a truck in this segment needs to have a superb suspension system in place. Traxxas Slayer has the award winning Revo Spec Rocker suspension system in place. This suspension system is known for the good travel and very good damping properties which is the mainstay of short course race cars.

Revo has contributed a lot to the Traxxas Slayer. But then lets acknowledge the fact this is a huge improvement on Revo given the laser target market’s requirement (Pro 4 fans). The chassis of Slayer is the same titanium anodized and hardened 3D semi monocoque type used in Revo. It’s made of 6061 aluminum. Various components attach solidly to the chassis.

Pro 4 racing demands maximum horsepower from the engine. Powered with TRX 3.3 engine Traxxas Slayer is more than ready to offer that. The transmission system in Slayer is of very light weight. This engine generates awesome speed and acceleration through the 2-speed transmission system.

The truck is capable of reaching speeds of 45+ mph out of the box. With some very minor modifications it can exceed the 50 mph slab. The engine is protected for life time replacement.

In terms of looks Traxxas Slayer resembles the Pro 4 trucks very closely. The fact that Traxxas has 3 trucks racing in CORR, makes it easy for them to design a rc car that represents the actual ones. The tires are made of specially made rubber and use innovative tread design to take on the heat of short course racing.

Starting a Slayer is very easy with its push button electric starting system. This is more or less becoming a regular feature with all new Traxxas releases.

This truck comes ready to run (in the truest of senses). It comes with a radio system and has the body painted and decaled. You will find a car that can be put on track when you open the delivery from traxxas. It also comes with a very detailed guide to run you through various aspects of it.

Traxxas Slayer gets very close to the environment of an actual Pro 4 racing truck. Check it out if Pro 4 is a big race in your calendar. It might just be the vehicle you have been looking forward to.

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