Traxxas Bandit VXL

Is It The Fastest RTR Electric Buggy?

Traxxas bandit VXL is the fastest rtr electric buggy. This is what Traxxas claims on its website and after having a look at it I don’t doubt the claim.

This is a sports buggy from Traxxas that enhances the legacy of its predecessors. Bandit VXL is powered by a brushless motor. It’s immensely powerful and its ultra powerful thrust can propel the car to 70+ MPH within seconds. Speed is mind boggling and the fun of having two Bandit VXL buggies in the street pitted against each other is next to none.

Traxxas VXL is low-slung and very light in weight. The sleek look talks about its ability to pierce through the tracks or pavement wherever you want to give it a try.

The body of Traxxas VXL is made of fiber composite. It resembles a bathtub in shape. Drive mechanism is rear wheel drive. It uses a Traxxas pistol grip radio that compliments low CG (centre of gravity) designs. Speed of Traxxas bandit VXL is controlled through a Velineon VXL-3s brake/reverse and forward options.

Gearbox of Traxxas's bandit VXL is closed. That means less of maintenance tasks for you. The gears are made of hardened steel and are arranged in a planetary style. One thing to note is that the camber in this model is not adjustable.

What Do You Get With The Bandit VXL Package?

So what do you get when you buy the Bandit VXL kit?

Your package would include the following

  • Traxxas's Bandit VXL
  • Pinion gear with 26 tooth
  • Velineon brushless motor
  • Chrome wheels
  • Wrenches and servo adapters
  • Velineon VXL-3s electronic controller
  • Shock pistons
  • Replacement screws, body clips and instruction manual

Parts that you would need to get going with Traxxas VXL apart from this kit includes radio batteries, six or seven cell stick pack with traxxas high current connector. You will also need a charger and other items to set up the track.

Buying Traxxas's Bandit VXL

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