Traxxas Nitro Sport

Powerful Buggy for Nitro Starters

Traxxas Nitro Sport is the way to go you think…!!

You have been running rc electric cars for some time now and are looking for something more than fun or may be your friend gets all those accolades for how fast and powerful his rc car is and you feel its time for you to get one and start driving.

Whatever be the reason the transition from electric cars to powerful nitro cars is bound to happen to anybody who wants to augment his driving skills by taming the nitro beasts and making them follow order. No wonder you are thinking in these lines.

Nitro Sport is an ideal buggy for you to make the transition from electric to nitro powered cars. This is fast just as much as you would ideally need to get your hands dirty and is very easy to use. It is known for its performance as well.

TRX Pro.15 engine in a traxxas sport is reliable and can deliver high power under widely varying conditions. The allowable range of variation in conditions is wide and this is what makes it ideal for beginners. It will run and idle smoothly over wide latitude and in the mean time you hone your skills for tuning the car and perfect your driving skills. This is the stepping stone to higher skill involved driving in your later years as an rc driver.

Even though Traxxas Nitro Sport is forgiving enough for the starter it does not do that by compromising with performance. Performance in this car is top notch with speeds reaching as high as 38+ mph. Acceleration is equally good and will give you an idea of possibilities with nitro power.

The chassis of Nitro Sport is made of composite materials that make it light in weight. The reduced weight helps a lot in maintaining the power to weight ratio. Parts of chassis made of T6 aircraft grade aluminium helps in regulating the engine temperature by acting as cooling agent.

The suspensions are made of oil field shocks and can be tuned as per requirement. Other features like disc break and single point steering make this car a wannabe driver’s first nitro love. Traxxas-tough make of nitro sport makes it durable and resistance to usual crashes that you are bound to get along with while driving at the increased speeds of rc cars.

Racing needs have been taken care of in Traxxas Nitro Sport. It comes pre assembled ready to run and can get started at the click of a button. Decals are done and the parts are professionally assembled by Traxxas engineers. So it’s all about opening the cover, filling the fuel tank and hitting the track.

What’s in the Traxxas Nitro Sport Kit?

Here’s a list of all that you will get in your Traxxas Nitro Kit.

  • Nitro Sport with TRX 15 and glow plug
  • Spoilers that is factory painted
  • Prepainted body and related decals
  • EZ Start module
  • TQ Pistol Grip Radio
  • One set Antenna tube and Cap
  • 5X11 mm ball bearings (6 nos)
  • 5X11 mm bushings made of metal (8 nos)
  • 5X10 mm clutch bearings (2 nos)
  • Instruction manual
  • Tool Bag

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