Traxxas E-Maxx

Heralded As the Best Electric Monster Truck Ever

Why Traxxas e-maxx is demanding such a coveted title and surprisingly it’s getting support from all corners of the rc world? There has to be something about an e-maxx. E-Maxx monster truck is a 1/10 scale model. Its electric powered and consists of four wheel shaft drive.

In truest of senses traxxas e-maxx takes monster truck fun to higher levels. The powerful 16.8 volt motor provides the raw power that makes this rc truck a true monster. Most of its parts have been carefully designed to take abuse on a daily basis and yet hold on to the tough test. Be it the suspension system or the chassis, all of them exhibit absolute sturdiness to go in line with the purpose of the e-maxx.

Chassis of e-maxx has a developed design and airs a sense of strength from appearance. Its design is worth talking about. Stability of e-maxx is greatly improved because of the increased wheel base of the latest designs. The snap lock battery storage system in e-maxx is intelligently designed to accommodate a variety of different battery sizes. Batteries are positioned lower in the chassis and are slightly tilted towards the longitudinal axis of the car. This design provides additional stability to the car while manoeuvring corners. High ground clearance of about 4 in is a noteworthy feature of a e-maxx monster truck.

Snap locking system makes life easy for you when it comes to securing the batteries and replacing them. All you need to do is press a lever to engage and disengage the battery locking mechanism. There is absolutely no need of tightening or loosening any clips as you would be doing with some of the other models in market while toying around with the battery holder of your car.

Now let’s talk on the motor of e-maxx.

E-Maxx uses a 16.8V EVX-2 Dual Motor system for its power needs. EVX-2 delivers round about 16 volts of power that make their way through to the two Titan 550 motors. These motors are used for high torque generation that is a must needed entity for monster trucks like traxxas e-maxx. The 550 motor is an improvement on the standard 540 motor in the sense it has longer armatures that give it the capability to generate more torque. One more interesting capability of EVX-2 is its training module. This is a cool feature to have been offered off late and is aimed at beginner or inexperienced drivers. When this module is activated the maximum power offered is reduced by 50%. That reduces the risk of mishandling if you are an inexperienced driver. Once you get a hang of it then you may come out of the training mode to unleash the full power possibilities of the traxxas-emaxx.

To handle such high power and torque scenarios as involved in case of a e-maxx truck a highly efficient and trust worthy transmission system needs to be in place. And the transmission system of e-maxx is just that. Wide acceptance and less customer complaints of e-maxx is a testimony to the fact that the current transmission system is top notch. Wide gears, components made of steel and the torque control slipper contribute in their own way to handle the high profile job. The gearbox and differentials are sealed.

Thus overall this truck deserves all the attention it has been given so far.

So What Do You Get In A Traxxas E-Maxx Package?

This is a list of all that you will get when you purchase a traxxas e-maxx kit.

  • 16.8V Truck
  • Oil-filled Shocks with composite Body
  • Motor and Painted Body
  • Electronic Speed Control
  • Foam Inserts, Tires and Wheels
  • Instruction Manual

Apart from these to run the car you will need radio batteries, 6 or 7 cell batteries with Traxxas high current connector, a charger to charge the batteries and miscellaneous items that will help you build a track to run your e-maxx monster truck.

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