Traxxas Stampede

Holds Up To the Legacy of High Performance RC Trucking

Traxxas Stampede is a beast! Ask any body that has ever tried it out.

In the traxxas line of monster trucks Stampede has a special mention because that was one of the first monster trucks to reach the shelves of the stores. It carved its niche because of the strong build and ruggedness par excellence.

Since those early days the Stampede trucks have undergone lot of changes. Each truck has been an improvement on its predecessor. That is what has kept stampede admirers coming back to it again and again.

The latest generation of stampede is named as XL-5. It does carry the legacy of Stampede well. It looks hot and powerful. Its beefed up with a lot of features that would excite any rc enthusiast. We will explore them shortly.

This truck can showcase power and ruggedness that will send you to numbness. It can easily run over obstacles on the track. Just try running over an rc car to understand what I am talking about. You may make it jump heights that you might not have dreamt of only to find that this monster takes it all with a little smile.

So what? Its bulky, thus should not have enough speed?

I am sorry you are mistaken.

The bulk of the monster truck does not compromise with the speed in any way. This truck uses a Titan 12-turn 550 modified motor. It does a very good job. Combined with the magnum 272 transmission system, the motor is capable of pushing up the speed levels up to the 30+ mph mark. Now that’s a very good speed for a monster truck. Don’t you think so?

When you run the truck a lot of heat is generated and heat affects the performance of the vehicle. So when the requirements of the machine are as demanding as in case of traxxas's stampede XL-5 the need of a cooling system increases manifold. Fortunately the design of the motor is done to mitigate the heat generated. There is an integrated cooling fan that keeps the motor cool by pulling air through it. Air sucked in by the fan follows the curved channels that have been fabricated on the motor’s surface.

Performance of Traxxas's Stampede is enhanced by the induction of Revo technology. The transmission system consists of precise ball bearings and torque control slipper clutch that contribute to the high speed of traxxas stampede XL-5.

When speeds are high and you are not sure of the terrain you are getting into its best to have reliable tires that will generate enough traction to wade through any opposition or limitations. Revo-Spec Talon tires of stampede XL-5 are well equipped for all the requirements we talked about. Be it the muddy and dirty backyard or be it a race track the tires will hold on to the surface. In the traxxas stampede model the tires are pre glued to the chrome wheels. That reduces a little bit of work for you, though I know some of you love doing it yourself.

XL-5 electronic speed control system is a good addition to the stampede as it extracts every bit of power from the motor. And it does that with relative ease to you. All you need to do is push a button. The arrangement of having a training mode is a boon for the beginners. In training mode the power output is reduced to half the original capacity.

One more noteworthy feature about traxxas's stampede is its chassis made of composite fiber materials for ultimate rigidity. The more the rigidity, better is the capability to handle abuse. Thus now you can easily make your car jump without really worrying about any major wear and tear. One more advantage of having a fiber composite body is the reduced weight, which in turn increases the power to weight ratio, there by contributing towards higher speed of the stampede truck. The chassis boasts of some real good ground clearance to help you just run over any obstacle that comes in way. It feels majestic driving such a monster truck.

With over four different colors of graphics available for traxxas stampede it’s about your choice to style the truck. This electric powered vehicle comes ready to run. Just charge the battery and get going. It’s a lot more fun dealing with traxxas stampede XL-5 than any other electric monster truck. is a great place to buy traxxas stampede XL-5. It has our highest recommendation.

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