Worlds Fastest RC Car

All It Takes To Be the Fastest On the Track

Wondering which is the worlds fastest rc car?

Ask Nic Case, he will be glad to help you with the answer.

Trust me, the man knows all about getting a radio control car to top speed. It can be fluke to attain the top speed once but doing it continuously on more than one occasion is not some twist of fate. It has to be a story of well researched and concentrated effort towards fine tuning every aspect of the rc car. Starting from deciding on the engine to be used to subtle aspects of aerodynamics, it must have taken a lot of persistence and testing from Nic.

Well let me now introduce Nic in full glory. By now you might have guessed it. Nic case is the owner of worlds fastest rc car. He happens to be the proud man to hold both the official and unofficial title.

Nic’s Officical World’s Fastest RC Car Title

Nic Case holds the record of being the fastest rc car racer at 134.4 miles per hour. He used a highly modified 4 wheel drive TC3 to make the record stint. Till date this record is unsurpassed.

In Nic’s words there was no crash at 134.4 MPH. The car was operational after the run at that high speed that stands as a record.

Un Official Record

This is quite an interesting story and it involves the speedster Nic Case again. This time with a modified 2 wheel drive dirt oval car. The car had fluorescent orange color and looked more like a blur when it was going through that eventful sprint.

The radar was up for a big surprise and so were the officials when it showed a clearing of 160 MPH.

The car was a tad lighter than the previous 2WD model that had touched 134.4MPH. But then an extra speed of 25MPH on top of 134.4 MPH looks unachievable. Doubting malfunctioning of the radar this record was not taken officially. They thought of running it for the second time but then the car was out of its shape after that initial burst.

So the credit was given to Nic Case unofficially. If that was a radar glitch then this could be a record that will elude the racing fraternity and rc speed freaks for a long long time to come. It might become quite a deal for Nic Case himself to chase this record for world’s fastest rc car.

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