Traxxas TRX.15 Pro Engine

More Horsepower for Demanding Drivers

Traxxas TRX.15 Pro engine is for you if you get the feeling that you can never be satisfied with the horsepower delivered by existing engines.

If you are that demanding then you must have a look at the TRX.15 engine from Traxxas. It blows away the past with its insane horsepower specs. This engine has an external volume that is similar to TRX.12 engine. Moreover it uses the same engine mounts as .12. But it has way more to offer in terms of power as compared to its old cousin.

Some of the features of a TRX.15 Pro engine are listed below

  • .15 has about 20% greater displacement as compared to .12. That makes up for some more power.
  • The oil ring piston in TRX.15 is grooved to last longer.
  • High tech features such as a finned aluminum back plate, aluminum cooling head, connecting rod made of channelled beam to improve oil flow, ball bearings etc.
  • All new carburettor with larger intake.
  • Foam air cleaners that can be re used.
  • O-ring seals are provided for all the needles to prevent air leaks that reduce the power generated.
  • Rugged construction aided by materials like Aluminum, Brass and Chrome. This rugged make gives you the flexibility to use it under very trying circumstances and expect it to perform like a charm.
  • The Traxxas TRX.15 Pro engine boasts of one of the toughest recoil pull starter.

Closer Look At Traxxas TRX.15 Pro Engine Construction

Lets start with the carburettor first. The carburettor of TRX.15 is bigger than that of TRX.12. It has an intake dia of 6 mm as compared to 5 mm diameter of TRX.12. Air leaks that are considered to be critical reasons of significant power loss have been blocked by use of O-Seals. In order to keep the carburettor free from dirt a rubber dirt shield has been provided which does a fairly good job. Oiled foam elements are used for filtering air. These can be easily cleaned and used again and again.

TRX.15 Pro engine gets rid of bushings and uses ball bearings instead. This gives operational efficiency and a longer life to the engine.

Earlier I had talked about the robust construction of TRX.15 engine. It uses ABC materials. ABC is nothing but an abbreviation for Aluminum, Brass and Chrome. The piston is made up of aluminum whereas the sleeve is made up of Brass. The sleeve interior is plated with chrome.

Unique channelled design of the connecting rod provides oil flow path to the bushings. Moreover the design imparts a longer life to the rod with less maintenance.

Traxxas TRX.15 Pro Engine Models

Here is a list of different TRX.15 models available in the market.

Models with pull starter mechanism

  • 4007
  • 4008
  • 4009
  • 4010

Models without pull starter mechanism

  • 4003
  • 4004
  • 4006

Trx.15 is a robust and sturdy engine built for high performance. It’s advisable only for expert drivers. If you think you have enough experience under your belt then why don’t you give it a try? You will love it.

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