Traxxas Rustler VXL

You’ll Love This Powerful Off-Road Stadium Truck

Traxxas rustler vxl will impress you with its sheer power and looks.

But then there is lot more than that to this off-road truck. You will understand rustler vxl little better after going through this review.

Traxxas vxl is a 1/10 scale model rc truck. This is powered by a brushless motor. It’s an off-road stadium truck that comes ready to run. There’s not much gimmick involved in getting it to run once you open it out of the box.

Chassis of this Traxxas rustler is made of composite fibre that’s gray in color. It consists of rear wheel drive and a closed gear box. Closed gear box helps keep away dust from settling on the drive chain.

The shocks in a Traxxas vxl come in oil-filled in plastic bodies. You can easily tune them or if you want the ultimate DIY experience then you can rebuild them. Rustler vxl gears are made of hardened steel. There is a Revo spec clutch that .helps in smooth linear engagement. The differential is planetary gear type.

Rustler vxl comes with the body completely done with decals. Believe those look great with the decal.

The velineon 3500 motor is well suited to run with the rustler vxl truck. It is apt for the horsepower need of the monster without compromising with the efficiency. The electronic control system works like a charm. If you have experienced the smooth start and impeccable control possible with it you will appreciate what I mean by charm. Since the velineon motor is brushless there is no danger of the speed reducing run after run unlike the motors with brushes.

Traxxas vxl is very flexible in its usability. You may use it in three different modes viz training, race and sports. Each of these categories aims at a particular age and expertise of the driver. In training mode the throttle power is restricted to about 50% of the actual capability. This gives the new driver or trainee time to sharpen his skills before venturing into full throttle power driving.

The off-road truck called rustler vxl is designed to handle very high horse powers. A look at the technical specifications makes this point conspicuous. High quality steering response and precision makes Traxxas rustler vxl a truck that’s wonderful to handle.

What Do I Get With the Traxxas Rustler VXL Package?

Here is the list of everything that comes with the package you purchase

  • Chassis with shocks. Shocks are oil filled.
  • Velineon motor. This is brushless.
  • Velineon electronic speed control
  • Painted body complete with decals and a rear wing
  • 86 tooth spur gear, 19 and 28 tooth pinion gear
  • Radio
  • Tires, wheels and foam inserts
  • instruction manual

You will need radio batteries with Traxxas connector to run this.

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