Traxxas Nitro4-Tec 3.3

On Road Touring Car Touching 70+ mph

Traxxas Nitro4-Tec 3.3 was selected as the best on road touring car powered by nitro fuel for 2007 by the rc car action readers. Rightly so as it deserves every bit of this appreciation.

It’s by far the fastest touring car around breaking the 70+ mph slab effortlessly.

The source of the raw power is a tried and proven TRX 3.3 engine. Sharp acceleration sets the car in top speed at the blink of an eye lid. The fact that it comes with a disproportionately high speed to weight ratio makes this all look so easy. The chassis is very light which contributes to the overall light weight of the vehicle.

There are more than one parameters responsible for the superb performance of a Nitro4-Tec. Some of the noteworthy features include

  • Proven Engine

    Nitro 4-Tec is powered by a TRX 3.3 engine. TRX 3.3 is a proven performer for race conditions and is finding a place in most of the latest Traxxas racing models. It’s well known among Traxxas enthusiasts that TRX 3.3 delivers high horsepower. Just what you want while racing. It comes with a blue anodized aluminum pipe tuned for performance.

  • Enhanced Steering System

    The bell crank steering system is equipped with ball bearings. It improves the response apt for handling by experts. You don’t want a lousy response from your machine at a critical juncture in the race! Do You?

  • Improved Drive System

    The drive system has been improved in Nitro4-Tec 3.3 by rear belt that is wider than the previous one. Performance enhancement is also due to the use of larger pulleys.

Aesthetics of Traxxas Nitro4-Tec 3.3

Raw power coupled with great looks make Nitr4-Tec a car of choice. When I say great looks I really mean it.

The graphics on the body are sophisticated and convey the story of power and speed that the vehicle is capable of. Mesh wheels offer a distinct look to the whole vehicle. The style statement is ominous.

Traxxas Nitro4-Tec is a ready to run rc touring car. The fully assembled package come with the radio system, installed graphics and glued tires. It’s powerful and ready to race right out of the box. This car is easy to start with easy to use push button electric starting.

Like most other traxxas products you will find that this car is protected by various warranty programs by Traxxas. For example all electronics in Nitro4-Tec is covered by the Traxxas Lifetime Electronics Warranty.

I feel this is a good buy for anyone looking for a high speed and powerful on road rc touring car. Take a look if this is something you have been waiting for. One thing is for sure that Nitro4-Tec 3.3 is certainly one of the best in its class as of this writing.

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