Traxxas Monster Buggy

Can You Tame The Beast?

A traxxas monster buggy is nothing less than a monster on wheels. Be it the look or roar of its engine you are sure to get eye balls popped out when you unleash your monster buggy on the track.

Here you will find information about each popular traxxas buggy. If you find any cool model missing then let us know and we will update it for you.

Traxxas Monster Buggy That’ll Tear The Turf Apart


E-Maxx is a 1/10 scale electric monster buggy that can tear your competition apart on the track or off road. It simply raises the playing field where others fade away at the winkle of an eye. When it comes to choosing a monster buggy this is the one I think of without a second thought. This 4 wheel drive traxxas monster buggy has a molded composite body that’s robust and is specially designed to lower the centre of gravity for cornering at high speeds. This car comes ready to run. Less building work for you before getting the monster to prey on your competition.


This buggy sports a mean look and if looks could kill I would strongly recommend taking your eyes off it as soon as possible. Stylish sleek look combined with unbelievable acceleration is what makes this truck a hot pick. The build is sturdy and durable. You could be driving off 3 feet sheds and still make perfect landing without any damage to the buggy. If you are looking to buy a traxxas monster buggy then do take this into consideration. You won’t regret.


Revo is sometimes confused to be the successor of T-Maxx, the popular traxxas buggy that took the rc world in storm way back in 1999. But then the truth is far from this. Traxxas Revo is a completely different model in its own right. This is an off-road monster that I believe can over power T-Maxx. I know you are willing to pounce upon me but then that’s my opinion. Certainly worth a look if you are looking for options. Its nitro powered. It reaches speeds of up to 40+ mph.


Traxxas rustler is a 1/10 scale off-road stadium rc truck. This features all the muscle and brawn that’s typical of a traxxas monster. This electric truck is powered by a brushless motor. These are highly efficient ones that provide some amazing power to the truck.


S-Maxx is the stadium truck line of Traxxas. Majestic look and feel of this traxxas buggy compliments its power and agility in dealing with dirt and rough terrain. A must have in my books if your budget allows you to indulge in it. I would have loved a brushless motor with S-Maxx to notch up the performance a little more. But alas, for the time being it’s got to be a motor with brush.

Sport Maxx

Initially S-Maxx and Sport Maxx were considered to be the same model until Traxxas went back and made some amends to the Sport Maxx version and call the new one as S-Maxx. This is mostly similar to the early S-Maxx versions. Try your hands on one of these.


We are talking here of a traxxas monster buggy that justifies the word monster. One look at it and you know what I mean. The reinforced chassis of a traxxas stampede stands 4 inches above the ground towering over most other rc cars or trucks. The muscular body is built of fibre-composite materials. Traxxas stampede is the combination of speed with regular rc truck features. Thus it will respond well to your race track needs.


If there is something that can be called a standard for rc monster trucks of all time then it has to be a sledgehammer. This traxxas monster buggy was rated as the best two wheel drive monster truck for two continuous years by a prestigious magazine dedicated to rc hobby and sports. It included eight tuneable shock absorbers, tough T6 aluminum and composites body and other detailed features. You will rarely find one of these nowadays. However if you are hell bent on having one for yourself you are better off searching at yard sales or better still at eBay or Amazon.


Talking of traxxas monster buggy without T-Maxx means the show has not started yet. T-Maxx has been there for quite a while and has been well adored by fans world over. This is a 1/10 scale monster truck that with time and development in technology has become more of a speed beast touching speeds of 55+ mph. It looks great and is composed of raw power. This has been a hot favourite among rc monster truck aficionados.

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