Top Fuel Power Plus

Performance with Care

I did not start with Top Fuel Power Plus. That’s a story! Let me ask you a question first.

How many times have you suffered a set back because of using bad fuel?

Well I have on more than one occasion been a victim to this. That’s where my search for the right fuel began and I am happy that I got hold of a Traxxas authorized and recommended fuel for my rc engines.

Why Top Fuel Power Plus

The main reason why I use this fuel is because this is recommended and prepared by Traxxas. Now I have had the experience of using this fuel first hand I must say it delivers all that it claims to deliver.

There are numerous reasons why you want a dependable fuel like TFPP. If you know the disadvantages of using wrong fuel then you will appreciate my words and if you don’t then this is a sample of some of the problems you could face with poor fuel

  • Hard Sitting
  • Rapid Engine Wear
  • Poor Performance
  • Deposits in Engine and Corrosion
  • Reduced engine life

To counter this few years back Traxxas started looking for options available. After a lot of trial and error they came up with a combination of fuel that was apt for your nitro rc engines. More that one thousand hours went into actually running and testing the cars with the new combination before they were convinced about its efficiency and other properties.

Top Fuel Power Plus Composition

This fuel does not come cheap but then if the longevity of your expensive engine means anything to you then I am sure you will understand the long term benefits of this fuel.

TFPP combines the very high quality ingredients with an ultra sophisticated blending mechanism that gives you the cleanest fuel. The machines used for blending have very low tolerances and thus strictly guard the quality of the fuel you receive. There are cheaper machines which have slack tolerance limits in blending, but then the quality of the fuel obtained is decreased significantly.

TFPP makes use of the following ingredients

  • Synthetic Oil Provides good lubricating properties to the fuel and improves the throttle response.
  • Castor Oil Provides lubrication at high temperatures and protects against over lean running of the fuel mixture.
  • Anti Foaming Agents and Wetting Agent
  • Corrosion inhibitors

    These provide protection against hostile environmental conditions.

This is the fuel recommended for Traxxas engines. They attribute the long life of their engines to similar processes that are set for manufacturing of the TFPP fuel. Thus the chances of TFPP being that robust and good are very high. You may use this quality fuel for other engines part from Traxxas engines to improve their performance and longevity.

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