Team Associated TC3

A Popular Touring Car of the Bygone Era

Team Associated TC3 is a 4 wheel drive 1:10 scale touring car.

TC3 was built up right from scratch as a touring car unlike the contemporaries. It was targeted to be a touring car even before it got off the drawing sheets.

The fact that belt drive systems have their own constraints made the Team associated tc3 designers to look for possible solutions. They came up with a shaft drive system that proved be lot more efficient and usable. The shaft drive system beat its predecessor hands down in terms of durability. The design rendered a product that could be serviced easily.

Winning race is a priority for any rc race car designer and designers of associated tc3 were no different. In order to make it race worthy they got in parts that were race proven. For e.g. the differentials used in team tc3 kits were equipped with carbide ball as that had been working well in racing conditions for previous models.

Here are the Associated TC3 kits that caught attention during their days. They are not being manufactured as of writing this article.

Team Associated TC3 Team Kit

This kit has it all, nerve ramping speed combined with extreme good looks. Special attractions include more than position for mounting of the tie-rod, high shock absorbing bumpers at front and rear and pro-line spoke pattern wheels among others.

TC3 Factory Team Kit Team Associated

This factory team kit for TC3 is for the serious race freak. This used to be the most technologically advanced touring sedan car of its time. It included parts made of materials like Aluminum, Graphite and Titanium. The kit came with adjustment tools just in case you need something.

Team Associated RTR TC3

This is a ready to run car. Equipped with a chassis optimized for rigidity and torsional flex kit asks more minimal involvement from your side. The kit comes pre painted with two different body options. You will be on the race track in no time at all with this kit.

Team Associated TC3 Rally Conversion Kit

Touring cars are known for their precision. As said earlier tc3 was designed to be a touring car. However the rally conversion kit for electric tc3 can convert the touring car into a perfect rally car. With this kit its not difficult to make those awesome jumps on the off roads.

Now days you will not find the kits mentioned above being manufactured. However you can find them for sale on sites like At times you may locate a kit that has never been used and is still in the cover, but that depends on your luck.

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