Team Associated RC8

The Coolest 1:8 RC Buggy Around

Team Associated RC8 is a 1:8 scale radio control nitro powered buggy with race winning features. An exciting model to run and watch, rc8 is an absolute beauty with some raw power.

Associated RC8 is designed keeping in mind the stringent requirements of a racing buggy. You will feel the difference when you drive this amazing buggy. It goes way beyond other contemporary rc buggies in terms of durability. The fact that it comes from Team Associated ensures that it’s at par with the best as far as performance is concerned.

For 1:8 scale rc buggies stability is a primary concern. This needs proper design for optimum balance and weight distribution. You will find all that and more in rc8. The adjustable wing angle gets in more stability to this rc buggy.

RC8 boasts of more suspension travel than most of the other buggies available. That does mean something especially you know the bumps you will face when racing a nitro rc buggy. The shock absorption system makes use of carbon fiber that imparts strength and rigidity without making the system heavy.

Innovative clutch design of Team RC8 combined with other advanced features like lightened differential gears, fuel tank that is anti foaming and unique 2 stage air filter make Associated RC8 one of the most advanced buggies around. It happens to be one of the lightest rc buggies in its category.

RC buggy drivers get the kick out of maneuvering sharp corners and executing impossible looking jumps. It’s undoubtedly a matter of skill, but then having the right set of equipments is equally important. Associated RC8 fulfills the ultimate desire of any rc buggy racer.

Team Associated RC8RS “Race Spec” is ready to run. That means you have the least amount of preparatory work with this buggy. Built in lines of Associated RC8 this is sturdy enough to take on the abuse you have in store for it on the bumpy off-roads.

One of the best 1:8 scale rc ready to run buggy available for enthusiasts, RC8 is worth a look if you are seriously considering purchasing a RC buggy.

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