Team Associated RC18MT

The Monster You Would Love To Be With

Team Associated RC18MT is a mini bodied monster truck. You will find all the flair and power of a monster truck in the RC18MT, even though it looks small.

In the 1:18 scale electric off-road mini truck category Associated RC18MT is a good contender for the top slot. Its 225 mm long, 188 mm wide and has a wheel base of 154 mm. It weighs 605 g and uses a 4 wheel shaft drive system for power transmission.

This truck comes with a mini MGT body, characteristic tires of monster trucks carrying the Team Associated logo sit on chrome wheels. RC18MT has a 4 wheel drive arrangement. The differentials at the front and rear are adjustable. The shaft driven RC18MT transfers power very efficiently for maximum performance.

It’s important for this kind of a rc vehicle to have very good suspension system because it is not going to spend its life on the smooth race roads or tracks. More often than not your team rc18mt will be subjected to challenges from bumpy roads. The suspension system should be equipped to combat that.

Fortunately associated RC18MT has robust suspension system in place. The shocks are oil filled and provide very good damping to vibrations caused due to the uneven roads or bumpy tracks. This mini truck boasts of an optimized geometry for suspension.

Electronic instruments like the receiver, speed control and steering servo are conveniently placed in the body. They are all modular and easily accessible.

The body that comes with the team associated RC18MT kit is pre painted. Elegantly combination of blue, white and red augment the looks of the rc18mt kit. You will also find a flag in the body accompanying the mini truck.

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